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Our painter hand-brushes paint onto this patio cover, ensuring that the paint fully adheres to the surface.

Here’s what you can expect from our team.

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Your home is important to us.

That’s why we work the right way.

If two different painters work on two otherwise identical homes in the same neighborhood, chances are that, for one of them, the paint is going to start peeling and fading a lot faster. Part of that comes down to the paint. But, it’s also about the process. When you’re working with stucco, having a detail-oriented plan is everything. We want your home to look beautiful for years to come. It’s why we put the time into properly executing our proven painting process. Doing it right is worth it.

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Our detailed process is our key to success.

To us, the small things matter.

We prepare your home for painting.

We thoroughly prep your home for painting by protecting fixtures and landscaping, repairing stucco, and scraping the stem wall. Ultimately, this improves the longevity and look of our paint.

We thoroughly paint your home.

Our thorough painting process moves through successive stages, ensuring that every part of your home’s exterior gets an even coat and coverage. We ensure everything looks just as it should.

We inspect our work and clean up.

Once we’re done painting your home, we’ll do an internal audit of our team and review our own work. We’re looking for consistency, attention to detail, and a great-looking finish.

The results speak for themselves.

You can’t hide poor painting.

Painting is our passion. There’s a reason to do it right. With the right paint, applied by the right painters, your home’s exterior will look great.

Substandard just isn’t our style. At Crash of Rhinos Painting, we’re all about raising the bar for exterior painting. It’s why we’re one of the Valley’s highest-rated exterior painting companies. For our customers, our process, paint, and communication set us apart.

We stand by our craftsmanship and work. Take a look at our gallery to see some of the homes we’ve painted recently.

If you’re ready to work with a team that does things the right way, from start-to-finish, we’re ready to work with you, too. Click the button to request a free proposal from us.