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Standing on a ladder, our painter begins masking for paint in Phoenix, AZ, ensuring the windows are fully protected.

Here’s how we prepare your home for painting.

See our detailed prep work process.

The right prep work leads to better results.

We specialize in stucco homes.

Without careful preparation and proper treatment, even the best paint won’t adhere right to your home’s stucco exterior. It’s why we put the time into repairing and preparing stucco ahead of painting. It’s a difference-maker.

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We pull back rocks.

We’ll care for your landscaping.

We make sure that all rocks and landscaping are pulled away from the walls so that we can access the entire stem wall. This also helps us protect your landscaping rock during the painting process.

If you have trees or bushes near your exterior walls, we’ll carefully pull them back and cover them in plastic sheeting so that they remain untouched while we apply paint to your home.

Our painter uses a rake to pull landscaping rocks away from the stem wall of the home, allowing us to access it for prep and paint.

Next, we’ll pressure wash your home.

This thoroughly cleans the surface.

Over the years, your home’s exterior walls become covered in dust, dirt, debris, and grime. As your older paint ages, it may begin to flake, peel, or create chalking residue. This needs to all go before we get started.

Using a professional-grade pressure washer, we’ll spray down every inch of your home’s exterior walls, ensuring our painters have a clean surface to apply paint to.

Our painter uses a pressure washer to thoroughly clean off the garage door of a home here in Phoenix, Arizona.

Our team will repair your stucco.

We fix cracks and woodpecker holes.

Stucco is far from invincible. As it bakes in the sun, stucco can crack, warp, and change. Woodpeckers can drill small craters into its surface. If not dealt with prior to painting, any of these defects could cause paint to not properly adhere in the affected area.

As part of our prep work process, our painters will review the entire home and make any needed repairs to your stucco.

We specialize in stucco repair here in Phoenix, and our painters start by fixing woodpecker holes and other damage.

Scraping and sanding.

We’ll add DRYLOK to the stem wall.

Your home’s stem walls require special treatment. First, we’ll scrape off your old, peeling paint. We’ll sand the surface down to make it smooth.

Then, we’re going to apply DRYLOK, a specialized waterproofing treatment. This helps protect the stem wall paint from water damage from surrounding soil, keeping the paint on your home’s foundation looking better, longer.

A painter brushes protective DRYLOK onto the stem wall of this pillar, ensuring the paint above is protected from ground moisture.

Finally, we’ll mask and prime.

We’ll protect your windows & more.

We’ll use plastic sheeting to cover and protect everything that’s not getting painted, from your windows and doors to your pool deck. If your light fixtures are removable, we’ll carefully take them off of the wall.

With the rest of our prep work complete, we’ll start applying primer to the areas being painted. Primer is a critical component in getting paint to completely adhere to stucco.

With this Glendale home completely painted, two of our painters carefully remove the masking and tape protecting the accent trim.

How to choose a painting contractor

Painting contractors should provide

  • License, Bond and Proof of Insurance
  • Full scope of your project in writing
  • Warranty information – Watch our video for more!

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