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Epoxy Coatings Process

Our Garage Floor Epoxy Process

Welcome to our detailed guide on the epoxy floor finishing process at Crash of Rhinos Painting & Garage Floors. Here, you’ll find a step-by-step breakdown of how we transform your garage floor. Our methodical approach ensures top-notch results, giving you full insight and confidence in our expertise and the quality you can expect when we handle your project.


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Surface Moisture Check

Checking surface moisture content is critical to ensure proper epoxy adhesion. Excessive moisture can cause delamination, blistering, or weakening of the coating, compromising durability and aesthetics. Accurate moisture testing prevents these issues, guaranteeing a successful, long-lasting application tailored to the specific conditions of the garage floor.


Concrete Hardness Test

We determine the hardness of the garage floor using specialized tools to decide which grinder pads to use for optimal surface removal. Proper hardness testing allows us to tailor our approach, ensuring that just the right amount of surface is removed for the best possible outcome in surface preparation.


Floor Grinding

We always surface grind the floor before applying epoxy, as grinding effectively removes contaminants and creates an ideal profile for adhesion. Unlike chemical etching, grinding ensures a uniformly porous surface, reducing the risk of improper bonding and coating failures, thereby enhancing the durability and finish of the epoxy coating.

Why won’t you chemical etch concrete floors?

What if I have an old epoxy floor I want to refresh?

Voids, Cracks & Expansion Joints

After grinding the floor, we meticulously fill voids, cracks, and expansion joints to ensure a flawless surface. This step, performed post-grinding, allows us to clearly identify all imperfections, providing a uniform base for the epoxy coating. This thorough preparation prevents future structural and aesthetic issues, enhancing the floor’s integrity.


Epoxy Base Coat

After surface preparation, we apply the base coat of the epoxy garage floor, which penetrates deep into the concrete rather than merely lying on the surface. This critical layer ensures enhanced adhesion and provides a durable, vibrant base for additional topcoats, improving both aesthetics and longevity.

Vinyl Chips

While the epoxy color coat is still tacky, we add vinyl chips, ensuring 100% coverage for optimal aesthetics. This layer is left to dry overnight. The next day, we return to scrape off excess flakes, preparing the epoxy garage floor for the final coat, which seals and protects the vibrant finish.


Clear Top Coat

The final clear top coat on the epoxy garage floor can be traditional epoxy or a more durable polyaspartic surface, chosen based on UV exposure to prevent yellowing. This top layer seals the vibrant chips underneath, enhances durability, and ensures a long-lasting, resilient finish that withstands daily wear and tear.


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Curing Time

Resinwerks epoxy flake flooring has a curing time allowing foot traffic within 3 hours. It fully cures in 24 hours, at which point it is strong enough to withstand vehicle traffic. This quick-set feature provides a practical solution for minimal downtime in garage usage.

Other Services We Offer

Paint Your Garage Too!

Our “Whole Garage Refresh” service capitalizes on your cleared-out garage by offering, for an additional fee, professional interior painting. While your belongings are already moved, enhance your space’s aesthetics by letting us apply a fresh coat of paint, complementing your new epoxy floor for a complete transformation.


On-Site Temporary Storage

Our on-site temporary storage service provides a convenient solution during your epoxy garage floor project. For an additional fee, we deliver a fully enclosed and secure trailer to your location. You can safely store your garage items in this space, ensuring they remain nearby and protected while we complete our work.


Disconnect & Reconnect Your Water Softener

Removing heavy water filtration and softener systems before work begins is necessary. For an additional cost, we offer professional disconnect and reinstallation services to facilitate the process.

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