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Exterior house painters in Phoenix

No money down. No upfront costs.


Why choose us to paint your home?

No money down. No upfront costs.

You don’t pay us anything until the job is done. Before we start, we’ll send you a digital proposal with everything you need to know about our work—including what you’ll pay once we finish painting.

We’ll work directly with your HOA.

If you live in a community with an HOA, there are several hoops you have to jump through before painting your home. With our services, we can help navigate this process with you.

7-year warranty.

We’re willing to stand by our work for 7 years. We’re that confident in the longevity of our paint and the effectiveness of our process. With us, you’re getting high-quality exterior paint that lasts.

Average job complete in 3 days.

Our streamlined process ensures homeowners enjoy a swift transformation, minimizing disruption and maximizing satisfaction. Experience the blend of speed and craftsmanship with us.

Premium paint, exceptional quality.

We exclusively uses Dunn-Edwards paint. It’s Arizona’s premium paint brand. Designed for desert resilience, their high-quality paints ensure longevity and vibrancy in our hot climate.

We are licensed, bonded, and insured.

We’re a team of professional Phoenix house painters. To protect you and your home, we have the right licensing and insurance policies. Never work with an uninsured or unlicensed exterior painter!

Plus, we have more 5-star review than any other painting company in the Valley!

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Our Process

Straightforward, no-hassle service.


Request a free proposal.

If you need house painters here in Phoenix, contact us online or over the phone. We’ll get some details from you and answer your questions. Then, we’ll send schedule an estimator to walk your property.

Our owner, Mike, arrives for an inspection at a local home, and greets the homeowner with a handshake and a smile.

We’ll inspect your home.

We’ll come out to your home. We’ll let you know when we arrive and then we will begin walking your property and begin putting our proposal together.

Finding the right service provider

We’ll give you a digital proposal.

With your inspection complete, we’ll give you a digital proposal that contains everything you need to know about your exterior painting project. It’ll also have an upfront price for our services.


Schedule a day to paint your house.

We’ll let you know the nearest date we can start your project. Just let us know if those dates work for you. If not, we can push your start date back. It’s really up to you!


We’ll prep your house for paint.

Many painters in Phoenix tend to rush the prep work so they can complete the project sooner. Not us! Our team understands just how vital prep work is to a successful project. We do things right.


It’s time to paint.

With all of our prep work complete, our team will start painting. Our team exclusively uses exterior stucco paint from Dunn-Edwards. This paint is specially formulated for homes in the Southwest.


We complete our quality inspection.

We’ll ensure everything looks good. After our team has completed their work, we’ll review every side and angle of your home to confirm that everything looks the way it should. Any remaining to-do items will be quickly wrapped up, and we’ll clean up, restoring your property to the way it was when we began. Our commitment to quality work and great-looking outcomes is the reason why we’re one of the highest-rated painters in Arizona.


We’ll send you a project complete notice.

We’ll let you know as soon as our painters are done with the job. Every job we do comes backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied, we’ll make it right.

We paint exterior stucco homes in Phoenix.

Trust in a proven painting process.

If your stucco home needs new paint, we’re the team to call. As one of the highest-rated home painters in the Valley, Crash of Rhinos is known for our attention-to-detail, high-quality work, outstanding service, and—above all else—amazing results. Popular throughout the Valley, stucco homes require extra care, especially prior to painting. As a Phoenix painting contractor, we specialize in painting stucco exteriors. This focus allows us to be the most efficient and produce the highest quality possible. Our painting process is built for long-lasting paint that resists fading for years to come. Start with a free proposal.

For professional house painting in Scottsdale, call us for a free digital proposal.

See Our Work

The right paint—and the right process—can transform the look of a home. Check out our gallery to see our team’s latest completed projects, pictures of our team at work, and much more!


Recent Projects

See the vibrant transformation we’ve brought to Phoenix homes with our exterior painting. Visit our website’s project feed for a glimpse of our most recent, stunning makeovers in Arizona.

Our Exterior Painting Services

Whole House

Experience a complete transformation with our Whole House Exterior Painting service. Our skilled team meticulously prepares and paints every inch of your home’s exterior, ensuring a stunning and durable finish that protects and enhances your property’s value and appeal.

  • The Best Prep Work
  • The Best Paint Available
  • Our 7-Year Warranty

Exterior Accents

Elevate your home’s curb appeal with our Exterior Accents painting service, expertly highlighting features to create a visually striking and personalized appearance.

Our painters in Gilbert, AZ never lose sight of the small details, as our painter climbs the roof to brush a decorative fixture.


Enhance your home’s aesthetic with precision Trim painting, adding definition and elegance to your property’s exterior for a polished and sophisticated finish.

Using a brush, our painter adds the finishing touches to a front door here in Gilbert, AZ.


Transform your entryways with our door painting services, bringing vibrant color and welcoming charm to the forefront of your home’s exterior presentation

Additional Dwelling Units

Beautify your property’s additional dwelling units with our specialized painting services, ensuring they complement your main residence while standing out with their own character.


Garage Doors

From power washing to remove chalky residue, to replacing worn-out weather stripping and priming surfaces before applying high-quality paint, we deliver stunning and long-lasting results that elevate your home’s exterior.

painting a brick wall in two directions

Block Walls

Revitalize your block walls with our spray and roll painting technique. This method ensures full coverage on rough surfaces. Our team meticulously sprays and rolls high-quality paint, achieving an exceptional, durable coating.

What Makes Us The Right Choice

An Exceptional Painting Contractor in Phoenix

Commitment to Quality

Client-Centric Approach

Outstanding Reputation

Skilled Workforce

Transparent Pricing

In-depth Consultation

A Local Understanding

No Money Down.
No Upfront Cost.

You only pay when we are 100% done!