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We’re looking to hire great people!

We move forward together.

Come run with our team.

Crash of Rhinos Painting is a privately held, exterior-only painting company here in Phoenix, Arizona. We only paint the exterior of residential homes—we don’t do interior work, commercial projects, or new builds. rnrnWe’re looking for people who want to join a team where they are appreciated as a person. We know that you don’t live to work but instead work to live, to take care of your family, and to wake up to a career that excites them. We want you to have that here.rnrnWe want team players that want to be on our team, make a fair wage, and be treated better. We’re committed to taking care of our crew members, keeping them employed year-round, and giving them a reason to be excited about the work they do.

401k Match

After one year with us, you’ll become eligible for our 401k match program. We’ll match a percentage of your contributions to your 401k account, allowing you to grow your retirement fund.

Weekends Off

Your weekends are for spending time with your family. That’s why our team only works Mondays through Fridays—and we don’t work on weekends. We’re all about giving our employees work-life balance.

Healthcare Benefits

Your health, and your family’s health, is important to us. After all, we take care of our great team. That’s why we offer healthcare benefits to our employees and their families.

Paid Holidays

Our team doesn’t work on major holidays. We believe that holidays should be spent with your family—not out on a job. At Crash of Rhinos, we offer paid holidays to all of our employees.

No ‘Slow-Season’ Layoffs

As one of the most-trusted (and most popular!) painters in Phoenix, our team always has a backlog of homes to paint. We don’t lay employees off when things slow down. It’s not how we treat people.

“One of the things that is important to us is being able to take care of our employees… and we’re really grateful that we have such a strong staff.”

As a painter, we’re in this together.

To be a successful painter here, you must align with our principles and values. We take pride in our work, have integrity in everything, and take exceptional care of the customer.

And, you must appreciate and respect everyone on the crew. At Crash of Rhinos Painting, we share the foxhole, and until we’ve walked in someone else’s shoes, we don’t pretend to know what they’re going through. We’re in it together. Our owners believe this, our crew leads believe this, and our customers know this about us.

We fail forward

We don’t know if this has ever happened to you, but it frustrates us when we hear stories about someone firing a painter because he broke a tile or two on a customer’s roof. We know that these mistakes happen.

We aren’t perfect, won’t pretend to be, and won’t expect perfection from you either. As a team, we fail forward. You read that right. When someone on our team messes up, we don’t walk them out the door; we work to improve our processes and their skills. We let the customer know together. Broken tiles happen, but if you tell us immediately and work to prevent it in the future, we learn and move on.

If your ego tends to get the most of you and you struggle to admit when you’ve made a mistake, this probably isn’t for you. If you’re the type of person that feels the rules don’t apply to them, please do not apply—you won’t last long here.

We have radical confidence

As a painter in Phoenix, AZ, we expect that you trust your crew members, your leadership team, and the customer. Not because they deserve it but because you believe that most people want to do the right thing—even if it doesn’t always come across that way.

At Crash of Rhinos Painting, we have a saying, ‘trust but verify.’ We’re in this foxhole together, and if we can’t trust each other, then it won’t last long.

We’re outcome-driven

The painter is driven to create positive results for themselves, the crew, and the company. We don’t slack off and expect the work from others. It’s in our core to drive toward the final result with the endgame in mind.

Our Core Values

Doing right by our customers.

Share the Foxhole

Fail Forward

Radical Confidence

Think the Endgame

Are you a good fit for our team?

Here’s what we’re not looking for:

Poor Quality / Excuses

We work hard together as a team. If you’ve walked off multiple jobs because you simply didn’t care about the quality of your work or where it left your team, this isn’t the job for you.


We all make mistakes. And, while we’re good at what we do, no one is above some constructive criticism. If you’re not willing to listen, learn, improve, or follow the rules, you’re not a good fit.


We’re not interested in bringing on part-time, temporary, or seasonal workers. We’re looking for full-time, dedicated painters who are, in turn, looking for long-term employment.


If you’re a bad communicator, you’re not the right fit for our team. We’re looking for people who talk through issues and inform the team when there are problems. Our work requires good communication.

Seasonal workers

We’re looking for full-time, year-round painters. Yes, that means working through the summers here in Phoenix. We do what we can to keep our team cool, but work in the summer is just part of the job.

Late to work

When you’re late, you’re putting the entire schedule in jeopardy. You’re letting down your team. If you’re the type to regularly show up late, you’re not the right fit for our team.

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