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Photo & Video Gallery

Our photo and video gallery showcases our skilled painting crews and the work they have produced. From small homes to large-scale exterior projects, the gallery provides a visual representation of their high-quality work. In addition the gallery also includes customer testimonials, demonstrating the company’s commitment to excellent customer service and satisfaction. Whether you’re looking for inspiration for your next painting project or simply want to see the exceptional work of Crash of Rhinos Painting, our photo and video gallery is a must-see.


Before & After Gallery

Our before and after gallery is a testament to our exceptional work. The gallery showcases the transformation of various homes that we have worked on, from outdated and dull to stunning and fresh. The before and after pictures show the dramatic impact that a high-quality paint job can have on a home’s appearance. For homeowners looking to refresh and update the look of their home, this gallery is a great source of inspiration and proof of the outstanding work that Crash of Rhinos Painting can deliver.

Latest Projects

For an up-to-date look at our work, visit our latest projects page. There, you can view daily photos taken by our crews as they work on our current jobs. This page provides a great opportunity to see the progress of our projects and the quality of our work.

Case Studies

Our case studies provide a behind-the-scenes look at particular exterior house painting jobs throughout the Phoenix Metro area. The case studies provide an in-depth analysis of the unique challenges that each project presented and the solutions that the team implemented to overcome them. From preparation and planning to execution and final results, the case studies offer a comprehensive overview of the project’s progress. Homeowners looking to understand the process and level of attention to detail that Crash of Rhinos Painting brings to each job can gain valuable insights from these case studies.