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Our Painting Services

Exterior Painting

Crash of Rhinos Painting is renowned for its five-star residential exterior services. Our skilled team transforms homes across Phoenix with stunning, durable finishes, using top-quality paints and materials.

  • No Money Down
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • 7-Year Warranty
  • Free Quote

Interior Painting

At Crash of Rhinos Painting, we excel in residential interior services, meticulously transforming living spaces into vibrant, elegant homes. Our attention to detail, use of premium paints, and commitment to craftsmanship ensure each room radiates beauty and style. We prioritize customer preferences, delivering personalized, high-quality interior makeovers.

Due to demand, interior painting is currently limited. Please call us to inquire about our availability.



Garage Floor Coatings

Crash of Rhinos Painting specializes in robust garage floor coatings, offering durability and style. Our expert application ensures long-lasting, visually appealing floors for any garage space.

  • Minimal Odor / Low VOCs
  • 1 Day Install
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Slip Resistant

Commercial Painting

Our light commercial exterior painting services cater to businesses seeking to enhance their curb appeal. Crash of Rhinos Painting delivers professional, high-quality finishes, ensuring each commercial property stands out with a fresh, inviting look in the competitive Phoenix market.

We serve the entire Valley.