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Here’s how we paint.

With the windows masked and taped, our painter begins the paint application process using professional-grade painting tools.

The painting process, perfected.

We are stucco painting experts.

When it comes to painting, process is everything. After we’ve finished our prep work, we’re going to start applying paint. We proudly use Dunn-Edwards exterior paint. This paint is specially formulated for extended UV protection—crucial for homes here in Phoenix. It resists fading and lasts longer.

A Crash of Rhinos painter gets paint from a bucket as they prepare to repaint this home in Mesa, Arizona.

With the home prepped, we paint.

We spray the main body color.

Our painting process kicks off with us spraying the main body color onto your home’s exterior walls. Using specialized professional sprayers, we thoroughly apply the paint to the stucco exterior.

A Crash of Rhinos painter walks in front of a freshly painted home here in Phoenix, inspecting his work as part of our quality assurance process.

We’ll thoroughly paint your home.

We add the accent colors.

Once the main body color has been added to the home, we’ll carefully spray on accent colors onto door frames, window frames, and other accent points.

Our painters in Gilbert, AZ never lose sight of the small details, as our painter climbs the roof to brush a decorative fixture.

We take care of the finer details.

We paint your trim and fascia.

With the majority of the home’s exterior freshly painted, our team will turn our attention to the finer details, including your garage door trim and roofing fascia.

Using a brush, our painter adds the finishing touches to a front door here in Gilbert, AZ.

They’ll perfectly match your home.

We paint your doors.

Speaking of details, we’re also going to apply paint to any exterior doors, including your front door. We’ll first clean and prime the doors, and then apply a durable paint that will look great.

We want your home to look great.

We finish up with brush work.

Our painter hand-brushes paint onto this patio cover, ensuring that the paint fully adheres to the surface.

Finally, we’re going to go over the entirety of the home with paint brushes and rollers, ensuring that there’s an even coat across the entire surface. We’ll again check our work as part of our extensive inspection and cleanup process.

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