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Our painter walks in front of a nearly completed home, as they prepare to put the finishing touches on this project.
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Exterior House Painters in Peoria, Arizona

Great-looking, long-lasting paint.

At Crash of Rhinos, we’re a team of experienced and dedicated house painters here in Peoria, AZ. Our team helps West Valley homeowners with all their stucco painting needs. In fact, stucco exteriors are all that we do! Recently received a letter from your HOA? Or, have you noticed that the paint on your home’s stem walls is peeling? It might be time to repaint your home. rnrnClick the button below to get a free digital proposal from us.rn

We specialize in stucco repair here in Phoenix, and our painters start by fixing woodpecker holes and other damage.

You don’t pay until we’re done.

There’s no upfront charge.

At Crash of Rhinos, we don’t charge our customers anything upfront. After all, you shouldn’t have to pay for a service that has yet to be completed! You don’t owe us a dime until your home is completely finished. Our contract—included in our proposal—outlines exactly what our service will cost. No gimmicks, no games, and no hidden fees: just a straightforward price for your painting project.

Our free proposal has it all.

Here’s what our proposal includes:

Our Plan

Our Insurance

Our Paint

Our Contract

Work with our Color Consultant.

Finding the right color for your home can be more difficult than it might seem. What’s the difference between sandstone and sand ? Well, if you live in an HOA neighborhood, it could be the difference between an association-approved color and a future fine.

This is why our Professional Color Consultant is such a critical part of our exterior house painting here in Peoria, AZ. We’ll work with your HOA to get a list of approved colors, and then recommend the one that looks best on your home.

Of course, this service isn’t just for homes governed by HOAs. It’s helpful for any home, in any neighborhood. Whether you want your home to ‘pop’ or just fit in with the others on your block, you’ll love working with our Professional Color Consultant!

Click the button to learn more about this service and how our consultation fits into your exterior home painting project.

Trust in our warranty.

Great companies don’t run away from their work. In fact, the opposite is true: they take pride in it and stand by their craftsmanship. That’s what we do and believe here at Crash of Rhinos Painting. From our paint and our prep to our people, we know we’re one of the best exterior house painters in Peoria, AZ.

We’re more than just talk. We’re so confident in our paint and our process that we back our work with a 7-year warranty. That’s five years longer than the state’s minimum requirement—and far longer than that offered by many other painters here in Peoria, AZ.

Our warranty details are included in our digital proposal. To get yours, click the button below.

Our painter hand-brushes paint onto this patio cover, ensuring that the paint fully adheres to the surface.

We use Dunn-Edwards paint.

The best paint for Valley homes.

When it comes to stucco painting here in the Valley, Dunn-Edwards is the gold standard. Their exterior stucco paint is specially formulated for homes here in the desert Southwest.

This Crash of Rhinos yard sign sits out front of this Chandler home, currently in the process of being painted.

Have us paint your home.

We’re your local home painter.

It all starts with our free proposal. If your home needs to be repainted, just click the link below and request your free digital proposal from us.