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Painting Homes In The Valley

An In-depth look

Homes located in Arizona are subjected to harsh conditions, including intense sunlight and monsoon rains. The UV from the sun causes fading and damage to exterior paint. This can allow the monsoon rains to penetrate below the surface of the paint and can lead to cracking, peeling, wood rot. A professional painting team, like Crash of Rhinos Painting, can help ensure that your home is properly protected by using the right products and techniques. A fresh coat of paint not only enhances the appearance of your home, but it also provides a layer of protection against the elements, helping to extend the life of your home’s exterior.

Crash of Rhinos Painting is known for our thorough approach to exterior painting projects. When we are called to a home, the first step is to assess the condition of the exterior. This initial assessment is critical in ensuring that the right products and techniques are used to prepare and paint the house. The final result is a beautifully painted home that not only looks great, but is also properly protected from the elements. Below are a few case studies that will give you a behind the scenes look at our painting process.

Glendale Home

In Glendale, Arizona, a recent exterior painting case study showcases the rejuvenation of a once dull and faded home into a fresh and eye-catching property. The Crash of Rhino’s team carefully assessed the home’s exterior, taking into account its architectural style and the unique wood features of the house. We used high-quality Dunn-Edwards paint and expert techniques to ensure the best application. The result was a stunning transformation that not only improved the appearance of the home but also protected it from the harsh Arizona weather. In the end, the homeowners were thrilled with the outcome.

North Phoenix Home

In the HOA community of Norterra in Phoenix, Arizona, a recent exterior painting case study highlights the process of painting a home, following community guidelines while still making a personal statement. The homeowner was looking to update the appearance of her property, but as part of an HOA community, she was limited in her color choices. Our professional painting team worked with the homeowner to select a color palette that not only met HOA regulations but also reflected her personal style. Our painters used top-of-the-line Dunn-Edwards products and techniques to ensure a long-lasting and durable finish. The final result was a beautifully painted home that both met the requirements of the HOA and made a statement in the community.

Phoenix Customer Experience

A customer of ours in Phoenix, Arizona was extremely satisfied with the services we provided when he hired us to paint his home. From the initial consultation to the final walk-through, the customer was impressed with the professionalism and attention to detail demonstrated by our painting team. The customer appreciated our clear communication throughout the process and was kept informed every step of the way. Click on the video to hear his personal experience with Crash of Rhinos Painting.