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Epoxy Garage Floor Products We Use



Crash of Rhinos Painting & Garage Floors proudly partners with Resinwerks, exclusively using their products for their outstanding durability, eco-friendliness, and ease of application. This collaboration ensures that every epoxy garage floor we install not only lasts longer but also supports a healthier environment with its sustainable qualities.

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100 % Epoxy Solids
Lifetime Guarantee*
Eco Friendly
LEED Certified Products
No VOC Epoxy Products
Low VOC Polyaspartic Products
Low Odor

Eco Friendly

Resinwerks™ is dedicated to eco-friendly practices, offering a full line of no-VOC and low-VOC products that prioritize sustainability and indoor air quality, ensuring safer environments during application and beyond.


Lifetime Guarantee*

We offer a limited lifetime Guarantee to the original owner with Resinwerks™ products, underscoring their superior quality and our confidence in their long-lasting performance and durability.


LEED Certified

Resinwerks™ products qualify as LEED certified due to their eco-friendly, no-VOC & low-VOC formulations, contributing to sustainable building practices and enhancing indoor environmental quality in green building projects.


No VOC Epoxy

No-VOC epoxy products are crucial for maintaining healthy indoor air quality in homes. Our Resinwerks™ epoxy products contain no VOCs, ensuring a safer environment without compromising on quality or durability.


Kinetic® Patch

Rapid Set Repairs with No Odor

Resinwerks™ Kinetic Patch is a two-part rapid-set repair binder specifically crafted for swiftly restoring spalled or damaged concrete surfaces. This low-viscosity product is unique in that it emits minimal odor during both application and subsequent grinding once cured. Engineered to deeply infiltrate concrete substrates, Kinetic Patch ensures a robust repair that remains durable over time, without becoming brittle.

    • Fast concrete repairs for damaged or spalled concrete
    • Concrete anchoring
    • Rebuilding control joints
    • Grade matching


Vapor Barrier Epoxy

100% Solids Epoxy Primer

Resinwerks™ Vapor Barrier Epoxy is a BPA-Free, 100% solids epoxy primer designed for moisture mitigation, ideal for bonding with concrete substrates experiencing high moisture vapor emission rates (MVER) and relative humidity up to 99%. This product dries quickly within 4-6 hours and effectively lowers moisture vapor emissions.

    • 4-6 hour cure time
    • 0-VOC and minimal odor
    • Suitable for high moisture slabs up to 99% RH and 24.99% lbs H2O / 1000 Sq. Ft.
    • Excellent primer for fresh/green concrete
    • Effective underlayment for commercial flooring


Blended Vinyl Chip

Seamless chip resinous flooring systems deliver a modern, distinctive finish that’s ideal for both residential and commercial settings. Resinwerks™ Blended Vinyl Chip comes in 18 appealing color blends, with custom blending available on request. These resinous chip systems feature a visually pleasing and slightly textured surface, perfectly suited for areas with heavy foot traffic or garage use.

    • Seamless chip systems for residential garages
    • Commercial environments
    • Solid Color Industrial Orange Peel Systems

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Kinetic® 85

High Solids, Low Odor Polyaspartic Coating

Resinwerks™ Kinetic 85 presents an 85% solids polyaspartic coating suitable for base, mid, or topcoat applications in various resinous flooring projects demanding swift curing. It boasts user-friendliness and remarkable resistance against hot-tire pickup. Kinetic 85 assures UV stability and excels in safeguarding against chemicals and abrasions. It’s available in clear or pigmented form, compatible with Resinwerks™ Universal Pigments.

    • Excellent working time
    • Low odor, low VOC formulation
    • Available in a standard cure version as well as a Slow Set version
    • UV stable topcoat
    • Superior abrasion resistance & flexibility

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