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This Gilbert, AZ home looks stunning with a fresh coat of long-lasting Dunn-Edwards paint, applied by Crash of Rhinos.

Our cleanup process & final inspection.

We’ll go the extra mile for you.

We’re not done until you’re satisifed.

We want you to love your new look.

With the primary painting process complete, our team starts our cleanup and final inspection process. Our goal is to make sure your home’s exterior paint looks great and had adhered properly. Once our internal quality assurance is done, we’ll also ask you to look over our work.

We’ll remove masking and coverings.

We clean up after ourselves.

Once we’ve finished our painting process, we’ll carefully remove the tape and plastic we used to protect your windows, doors, fixtures, and more. We’ll dispose of all of this before we close out the project.

One of our painters covers a light fixture in a tarp to protect it during the prep work and painting process.

We replace all fixtures and furniture.

We’ll put everything back in place.

As part of our prep work ahead of painting, our team removed lighting and outdoor decoration, and moved any patio furniture away from the wall. We’ll now put everything back in place, just as it was before we started.

Having completed the job, our painter re-attaches a light fixture to the outside of the home.

Moving rocks back to the wall.

We restore your landscaping.

To prevent any paint from getting onto your landscaping, our painters raked decorative rocks away from the stem wall before starting. We’ll now push these rocks back into place, leveling them out so that your yard looks normal again.

Our painter uses a rake to pull landscaping rocks away from the stem wall of the home, allowing us to access it for prep and paint.

We’ll handle any final touch-up work.

We want your paint to be perfect.

Our team will conduct our own inspection of our work, looking for any issues that need to be addressed ahead of closing out the project. If we notice any paint defects or problems, we’ll deal with them, right then-and-there.

Using a brush, our painter adds the finishing touches to a front door here in Gilbert, AZ.

We complete our final inspection.

You only pay us when we’re done.

We’ll do a final walkthrough of our work to ensure everything is as it should be, and we’ll ask that you review your home’s exterior, as well. If you’re satisfied with everything, the project is officially complete.

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Using a ladder, our inspector gets up-close-and-personal with the roof, inspecting our team's work ahead of the end of the project.

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