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With the windows masked and taped, our painter begins the paint application process using professional-grade painting tools.
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Your exterior house painters in Goodyear, Arizona.

We paint homes in the West Valley!

Is your home’s paint starting to peel, crack, or fade? If you’re noticing the signs of stucco paint deterioration, it’s time to call in a professional. More specifically, it’s time to call us here at Crash of Rhinos Painting. Our team specializes in stucco painting. It’s all we do! Our thorough prep work and repair process ensures that our paint looks great on your home—and will last for many years to come! If your home is ready to be painted, don’t put it off any longer. Call Crash of Rhinos. We’re one of the best-reviewed exterior painters in Goodyear, AZ. We’d love to send you a free digital proposal that outlines what makes our process and our paint so great.

We specialize in stucco repair here in Phoenix, and our painters start by fixing woodpecker holes and other damage.

You don’t pay until the job’s done.

With us, there’s no upfront costs.

When you hire us for exterior house painting here in Goodyear, AZ, you won’t owe us anything until your project is completely finished. We don’t believe in upfront charges or fees for work that has yet to be completed. After all, we’re confident that you’re going to love the way your home looks.

What’s in our free digital proposal?

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Color Consultant

Finding the right color for your home can be difficult. It can be hard to tell the difference between different hues, especially if you’re just looking at color swatches. Plus, if you live in a community with an HOA, you’ll need to clear your color choice with them first.

This is an area where our Professional Color Consultant can really help out. We’re more than just house painters here in Goodyear, AZ. We’re paint experts. With our Professional Color Consultant service, we’ll help you find the right color for your home’s stucco exterior. We’ll even work with your HOA to get a list of pre-approved colors and submit paperwork to paint your home.

Take the guesswork out of your painting project. Get a free digital proposal from us, and we’ll send you everything you need to know about this incredibly helpful and convenient service.


Our work comes backed with a 7-year warranty. That’s five years longer than the state’s minimum requirement, and far longer than most other exterior home painting companies are willing to provide.

Why? Well, for one, we’re confident in the quality of our paint. Our thorough prep work and painting process ensures a long-lasting finish. It’s why we can offer such a long guarantee with confidence. We know our paint will stand up to the sun, rain, and wind for many years to come.

Everything you need to know about our paint warranty is included in our free proposal packet. To get yours, click the button below and then fill out the form.

Standing on a ladder, our painter begins masking for paint in Phoenix, AZ, ensuring the windows are fully protected.

The right paint for the job.

Our team uses Dunn-Edwards paint.

A Goodyear painting company is only as good as their paint. That’s why our team exclusively uses high-quality exterior paint from Dunn-Edwards. Their paint is specially formulated for Arizona homes.

This Crash of Rhinos yard sign sits out front of this Chandler home, currently in the process of being painted.

Your local painters.

We’re a West Valley company.

For years, Crash of Rhinos Painting has been providing outstanding painting services to the West Valley. Need a trusted, local painting company here in Goodyear, Arizona? Request a proposal from us!