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Garage Floor Coatings In Phoenix

Refresh Your Garage Floor


Garage Floor Coating

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We turn ordinary garages into extraordinary spaces!

You know us from our outstanding exterior painting, now you’ll love our garage floor coatings. Whether you’re looking to revamp your personal space or increase your home’s value, our garage floor coatings provide the perfect solution.

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • One Day Turn-Around
  • Highest Quality Materials
  • Transparent Pricing

Garage Floor Services


Why You Should Finish Your Garage Floor

Garage floor coatings are more than just a cosmetic upgrade; they’re an investment in your home’s longevity and aesthetics. we understand the importance of a well-executed garage floor coating. It’s not just about the immediate transformation; it’s about creating a space that enhances your daily life and adds tangible value to your home.



Our high-quality coatings are designed to withstand the rigors of daily use, resisting wear and tear from vehicles, equipment, and foot traffic.


Aesthetic Appeal

With a range of colors and finishes, our coatings transform a dull garage floor into a visually appealing surface that complements your home’s style.


Maintenance Ease

Coated floors are easier to clean and maintain, repelling stains and spills with ease.


Increased Home Value

A well-maintained, aesthetically pleasing garage can significantly boost your property’s market value.



Our slip-resistant coatings reduce the risk of slips and falls, making your garage a safer environment.

Our Process


Partnership with Resinwerks

In our quest to provide the best garage floor coatings, we’ve partnered with Resinwerks, a leader in the coating industry. Their products are the epitome of quality and durability, ensuring that your garage floor withstands the test of time.

  • Minimal Odor
  • Low VOCs
  • Quick Dry Time
  • Slip Resistant


We meticulously grind the garage floor surface, creating the ideal texture for optimal coating adhesion. This crucial step ensures a strong bond and a flawless, long-lasting finish, guaranteeing the highest quality results for your garage floor.


Base Coat

Our color coating process is where your garage floor truly comes to life. We use premium, vibrant coatings from Resinwerks, offering a variety of colors to match your style. This layer not only adds aesthetic appeal but also provides additional durability, ensuring a stunning and resilient finish.


Vinyl Chip Flake Application

Our chip flake application adds depth and texture to your floor, creating a visually striking and slip-resistant surface. This process involves meticulously broadcasting flakes onto the wet color coat, ensuring even coverage and an enhanced, multi-dimensional appearance. It’s a key step for both aesthetics and functionality.


Polyaspartic Top Coat

The final step in our process is the application of a polyaspartic top coat. This high-performance sealant provides superior protection against abrasion and chemicals, ensuring longevity. Its rapid curing time ensures efficiency, while its clarity enhances the underlying color, maintaining the floor’s vibrant look.

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How do you handle coating over oil stains?

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