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Here’s how it works.

No Hidden Fees

We believe that you deserve to know exactly how much our services will cost before you agree to anything. That’s why we provide transparent, upfront quotes with no hidden fees or surprise charges.

Detailed Scope of Work

Our digital proposal will contain our scope of work, which outlines our entire painting process, what you can expect from us, and a timeline detailing when the project will be completed.

No High-Pressure Sales

We get it: painting your home is a big decision. We’re not ready to move forward until you are. We believe in no-obligation quotes and encourage you to compare our proposal to those from other teams.

All Credentials Included

We’ll put it all out on the table—or, more specifically, in our digital proposal. We’ll include proof of our licensing, insurance policies, and more. You should feel confident working with us.

Emailed To You

Getting a digital proposal is easier than ever. Once your proposal is ready, we’ll send it to you through email. You can review it on your computer, tablet, or phone—whatever’s easiest!

No Contact Necessary

Our entire proposal and inspection process is designed for the current world in which we live. From start-to-finish, it’s a no-contact process: everything is handled digitally for your safety.

“We are fully satisfied with the quality of the work and price we paid.”

“Quality work with unbelievable customer service throughout the entire process.”

“This company is THE ABSOLUTE BEST! I have had them paint 2 properties for me, and we are more than satisfied.”

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A member of our team reviews our prep work and protective sheeting with a local homeowner ahead of the painting phase.

Everything you need to know.

Our proposal explains everything.

Our digital proposals contain everything you need to make an informed decision, from our upfront quote to details about our 7-year warranty. It’s the perfect starting point for your project.

We don’t believe in high-pressure sales.

We’re only ready when you are.

Our team provides no-obligation, no-pressure estimates and proposals. We’re never going to hound you or try calling you a million times to force you into working with us. It’s not the way we do things and it goes against our values as a company.

Our proposal puts the ball in your court. You get to decide when or if you’re ready or if you want to work with us. No pressure, no rush.

Our owner, Mike, arrives for an inspection at a local home, and greets the homeowner with a handshake and a smile.

No hidden fees or surprise costs.

What you see is what you’ll pay.

Our digital proposal will include our upfront estimate for your project. That’s it. There’s no games, gimmicks, hidden service fees, or miscellaneous charges coming down the road. You only owe us what we initially quoted you, and you only pay us when the job’s done.

If you’re comparing quotes, be sure to ask other companies if there are hidden fees, or if you’ll have to pay anything upfront.

Our Professional Color Consultant reviews some exterior paint samples with a local homeowner, advising them on their options.

Your health and safety is important to us.

We do no-contact proposals.

The COVID-19 outbreak is radically changing the way all of us live our lives and interact with local businesses. To adapt to this changing environment, we’ve created a no-contact proposal process. This means you can get a proposal and quote from us without needing to meet us in-person.

For your inspection, we’ll set a date and time. Just unlock your gate, and we’ll take it from there.

Our team offers the convenience and safety of digital house painting proposals, sent to our customers through email.

Get a detailed scope of work.

Our process makes us different.

Our exterior painting process is straightforward, efficient, and fully explained in our digital proposal. We break it down, step-by-step, so that you understand what we do when. More than that, we want you to understand why we are taking the time to complete prep work. We explain it all.

Our proposal also contains a full timeline, showing you how long the project will take to complete.

Our comprehensive scope of work lays it all out on the table, and it's one of the reasons why we're your trusted painters in Peoria.

See proof of our credentials.

We’re transparent about our work.

Any company can say they are “licensed, bonded, and insured.” We back it up by providing proof and documentation in our proposal. Our proposal outlines our insurance policies and how they protect our customers.

If a painter is unable or unwilling to provide proof of their licensing or insurance policies, you could be assuming liability when they work on your home. The risk is not worth it.

Our free digital proposal contains proof of our credentials, including our insurance and licensing.

We’ll email the entire file to you.

Check it out on your phone or PC.

We’ll send you the proposal as a link that you can open on your computer, tablet, or phone. From there, you can review it in detail and follow up with us about any questions you might have.

Our proposals are completely digital, so you'll receive an email from us when it's ready for your review.

Get started with a free proposal.

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