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Prep Work for Painting a Home’s Exterior in Phoenix, AZ

Any professional painter will tell you that the extent of the prep work is largely responsible for how well the final result of painting looks and hold up over time. The prep work for painting is the foundation that determines the overall success of the entire project. Needless to say, it’s extremely important that it is done correctly! Some paint companies will cut corners and skimp on the quality of the prep work to save time and money, so make sure that the company that you choose to trust with painting the exterior of your home goes into specific detail of the steps taken to prep your home for painting.

Prep Work Process

Prep work for painting a home in Phoenix, AZ requires knowledge and experience of the areas that need attention and a specific process that is closely adhered to. It’s important that every area around the home gets properly prepped before the painting begins. A thorough preparation process would look something like this:

1. Reposition and Cover Landscaping

When rocks, dirt, wood chips, and other types of landscaping materials are right up against a wall, they need to be moved back away from the wall so that the wall can be painted below the ground surface. Also, it helps painter to avoid getting paint all over your landscaping when they are painting your walls. If you have trees, bushes, flowers that are right up against your wall, they will either be pulled back, or covered to keep them protected from the paint. This step ensures that you aren’t going to see hints of your old paint right at the bottom of the wall if your landscaping should be changed, or shifted. It also makes sure that you wont see spots and splatters all over your rocks, wood chips, trees, bushes or other landscaping. Landscaping isn’t cheap so it should be  protected as much as possible.

2. Pressure Washing

The next step is to give you house a bath. Don’t expect soap, buckets, and bubbles, but a thorough pressure washing should do the trick! By pressure washing a house, it removes any materials from a home that should be painted over and gives the painters a nice clean canvas before the painting begins. Pressure washing is an awesome technique to get rid of dust, debris, spiderwebs, dirt, any loose paint, as well as chalking. What is chalking you might ask? It is the residue that is created from the breakdown of your old paint. Getting rid of all of those materials will help your new paint to get a strong seal against the exterior walls of your home.

3. Repairs

Many homes in Phoenix, AZ are stucco homes and sometimes minor repairs need to be made in the stucco before new paint is applied. Should these repairs not be taken care of prior to painting, they will still be visible after painting and could even cause your paint to fail in the area of the needed repair. Repair work goes for drywall as well. Make sure that minor repairs are a part of the prep work process and that they get taken care of before painting. Should large repairs need to be made, you might have to seek out another company to do the repair work prior to painting.

4. Waterproofing Stem Walls

Water from your sprinklers, the weather, or other sources can dampen the soil around your stem walls. When these walls start absorbing moisture, the paint will start to break down. In order to waterproof the stem walls, old paint should be scraped off and a waterproofing agent should be applied. At Crash of Rhinos Painting, we use DRYLOK to ensure a nice seal on the home’s stem walls that will prevent moisture from ruining the paint.

5. Protecting Fixtures

Special elements of your home such as light fixtures, decor, etc. should all be removed prior to painting? Why can’t they just be covered up? If the fixtures were simply painted around, what would happen if you were to replace them? There would still be the same color of paint underneath, plus it keeps them more protected from being painted if they are completely removed. Make sure that the painting company you choose has a way of taking an inventory of the fixtures and elements that were removed from the home so that everything is well accounted for and can be reinstalled when the painting has been completed.

6. Covering & Protecting Areas Around the Home

There are many areas around a home that need to be covered and protected before painting can begin. If these areas aren’t covered correctly, it can become a quick disaster! Typically areas such as windows, pools & pool decking, patio furniture, BBQ’s, walkways, etc can be covered up with plastic and secured with masking tape. It would be horrible to finally have your home painted only to find splatters of paint in unwanted areas. By properly protecting specific areas that should not be painted, you can ensure the paint will stay where it needs to!

7. Priming of Raw Materials

In order to create a solid seal between the house and the new paint, all raw materials should be primed. This includes wood, stucco, and drywall. Without properly priming areas of raw material, the paint will not be able to form a solid bond and will be sure to peel, bubble, chip, and fade much more quickly.

Finding the right Phoenix Painters

The previous steps listed above are the specific steps that we follow at Crash of Rhinos Painting to make sure that our prep work for painting is thorough and meticulous. By setting these high standards for prep work, we are able to paint a home flawlessly and ensure that the quality of the paint will resume for years to come. Before painting a home, we go through the extensive steps of our prep work with the customer so they are aware of the process and know what to expect when it comes time to preparing their home to be painted.