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Why we use Dunn-Edwards, the best Arizona exterior paint

We exclusively use Dunn-Edwards paint.

The Sonoran Desert is a beautiful place to live with paradise-like weather—until the summer rolls back around, that is. Trust us: your home’s exterior paint feels the same way. Under a constant bombardment of UV radiation mixed with dust storms, torrential monsoon rain, and more, your stucco home can take a beating throughout the year. To stand up to this environment, you need the best-possible exterior paint.

At Crash of Rhinos, we exclusively use Dunn-Edwards Paints. We know that all of the hard work put into every house we paint does not mean a thing, unless we use the best quality products to compliment the work we do. We have used other paints in the past, but nothing quite compares to the supreme quality that we get from painting a home with Dunn-Edwards Paints.

Their exterior paint is specially formulated for the desert Southwest and all the sun, wind, rain, and heat that comes with it. By pairing Dunn-Edwards’ formula with our proven prep and painting methods, your AZ home exterior paint will last longer and look better. In this article, we’ll review just a few of the reasons that Dunn-Edwards is perfect for stucco homes here in the Valley.

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As much as we love our customers, we do not want to see them every 5 years to repaint their homes. This would mean that we did not do our jobs correctly. Depending on the quality level that you choose, your home’s paint should last anywhere from 10 to 15 years! That is a good amount of time with maximum paint protection. Our goal is to keep your house looking like it did the day-after-painting, for as long as possible. This goal can only be achieved when the paint quality is superior!

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See Dunn-Edwards paint in action!

Don’t just take our word for it. See the vibrancy and beauty of Dunn-Edwards exterior paint for yourself. Check out our gallery to see projects we’ve completed, before-and-after comparisons, and much more!

Dunn Edwards: the best Arizona exterior paint

In the sections below, we’ll explore what makes Dunn-Edwards EverShield paint uniquely perfect for the Valley’s stucco homes.

1. It’s formulated for Arizona sunshine

One of the biggest causes of paint deterioration on your Arizona home is the sun. Temperatures in the months of June through September consistently exceed 100 degrees, which causes exterior paint to deteriorate faster. In addition, the near-constant bombardment of solar radiation through the long daytime hours can cause fading in most paints.

Dunn-Edwards Paints have been around for 90+ years and during that time have perfected their product through ongoing product development and testing. They primarily test within the Southwest region due to the variety of climate conditions. Including the dry desert heat and strong UV rays of Arizona. The products are tested year round, specifically formulated for optimal results, and are proven to withstand the ever diverse Southwestern climates.

2. It resists peeling, cracking, and mildew

Along with sustained high temperatures, dust and heavy rains can also wreak havoc on your home’s exterior. Using a paint with superior adhesion and bonding helps protect your home against mildew which can cause paint to peel and crack. That’s what Dunn-Edwards—paired with our excellent prep process—offers.

Dunn-Edwards Paints have a multitude of binders that helps the paint adhere strongly to the surface of the home. These binders help form a solid surface bond, making it last longer without chipping or flaking.

Whether the paint is applied to a wood, metal, stucco, concrete, or block surface, the paint will form a strong bond as long as the surface has been professionally prepped and primed.

3. It’s fade-resistant

When you think of painting your home, usually one of the first thoughts after cost, is COLOR! What color do you want to paint your home? In Arizona, many homes are managed under an HOA, which means that color selections might be slim; but look on the bright side, at least there are usually some options. This leads to another benefit of using high quality paint.

Dunn-Edwards paint is made using a special UV-blocking formula that keeps color from fading in the ever-changing Arizona climate. This 100% acrylic exterior paint stays looking good for 10-15 years, and it is available in a host of vibrant colors.

We want our customers to get the most out of their investment by painting their homes with a product that will last.This paint is also formulated to be more fade-resistant than other paints, giving the customer more years of vibrant, beautiful paint and it beautifully displays the perfect shade of paint EVERY time!

4. It’s eco-friendly

Dunn-Edwards is an industry leader when it comes to producing extraordinary paint that is both environmentally friendly and safe for their customers.
They have paved the way for other companies to follow their “green manufacturing” philosophy, while formulating a product with their customers’ health and safety in mind.
• No VOC (volatile organic compound) colorants
• No Ethylene Glycol
• RAVOC (reactivity-adjusted VOC content) rating labels on every can
• The U.S. Green Building Council made them the world’s first LEED Gold-certified paint manufacturing facility.

Dunn-Edwards’ LEED-Gold certified paint manufacturing facility here in Phoenix is the first and only quality-control laboratory and plant in the coatings industry to achieve this coveted distinction.

Utilizing smart chemistry, the manufacturer has developed some of the safest zero-VOC and ultra-low VOC paints and paint colorants on the market.

You can breathe easier knowing that the low-odor paints that we use perform well and have less impact on the environment—both in manufacturing and once on your home.

5. What Makes These Locally Manufactured Paints Better?

That is simple; the secret is in the ingredients. Almost all paints are made up of the same ingredients, such as resin, adhesives, colorant, etc. What makes one paint better than the other is the quality of the ingredients used to formulate the paint. It makes perfect sense when you think about it. How long would you expect a home made out of cardboard and tape to last? The quality of the product is always in the ingredients that are used. Dunn-Edwards Paints are formulated with the best ingredients from the leading manufacturers, therefore their paint is superior.

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