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How Tech Helps Us With Our Company


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Today’s customers are more shrewd than ever before to the point that modern organizations have to go beyond traditional marketing and service methods to meet their demands. They need to go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure consumers remain in the loop. Check out our recent article that was published in inPaint (July-August, page 32 ‘Ask A Pro’).

Organizations that have realized the importance of this trend, such as Crash of Rhinos Painting, have replaced traditional contracts with proprietary digital content systems.

What is Proprietary Technology

Proprietary technology refers to a mix of different systems, processes, and tools that are connected and are owned by a single organization. Our contract management system offers us competitive benefits, one of which is higher customer satisfaction rates due to the ease of use and great communication with our customers. Proprietary tech such as digital contract systems can enhance customer experiences by providing the following benefits:

Top Benefits of Proprietary Digital Contract

Visibility and Audit Preparation

With a digital contract repository, we know exactly what stage our contracts are in, which in turn will help us report upcoming expirations, clauses and know where they are in our process. As such, it can also help us in maintaining an audit trail to fulfill compliance requirements. With access to our entire contact history, we can easily maintain our records for an accurate audit or internal policy compliance.

Never Miss Out On Dates

Using contract management software, we can also set up alarms using custom or default settings and which will not reset till the next milestone has been reached by the team member who is assigned it. This way, we can ensure that swift action is taken when the next step rolls around.

Enhance Searchability

Our digital contract repository solution offers search capabilities so that users can find important contracts at a moment’s notice. That way, we can ensure our customers are not kept waiting, and since all of those essential files will be digitized and indexed, we can search for the one we need anytime.

Version Control

An outdated copy of a proposal or a contract can cost us. With a digital contract repository, we can rest assured that we will always have the latest version of an agreement and can also make adjustments where needed easily as well.

Get Automated Alerts

If our contracts are managed in a digital repository, we can get automated and timely alerts and notifications to ensure we don’t miss deadlines, dates, renewals, and obligations. Plus, we won’t have to enter manual reminders in a separate diary and set up automated alerts, so we don’t miss critical deadlines or milestones.

Improve Document Management

Documents such as essential contracts should be secured safely and in a way that can make their management easy. With a digital contract repository system, our employees can upload them into the system so we won’t need to maintain a filing cabinet. Users can also import electronic documents to us. This way, all of our documents will be in one single place, and we won’t have to search for them for hours.

Share, Collaborate and Retrieve Files Easily

With a cloud-based contract management system, we can streamline contract management and retrieval for everyone involved. Both internal and external stakeholders can access and acquire contracts irrespective of their location, which increases workflow. As mentioned before, with a searchable hub, we will acquire critical contracts and will not lose any. A lost contract can prove to be a serious risk for any organization.

Robust Security

With a centralized contract repository, we benefit from the role and feature-based security features, which allows us to set different permission levels around contract access. This means we can control who can access what information, the contract types, etc.

We can grant access to different contracts to relevant personnel to eliminate unauthorized access and theft. Plus, a contract repository that offers cloud security is way more secure than a filing cabinet with a flimsy lock or a folder with spreadsheets. Multi-factor authentication can further increase security to sensitive contractual information.

Crash of Rhinos and Communication

We use our proprietary contract system to remain in touch with our clients and manage new ones easily. While our company specializes in painting exterior stucco homes in Phoenix and is known for their quality craftsmanship and service, we are also known for our great communication!

We providing simple and reliable proposal processes to communicate what is included and excluded, dates and times, and manage expectations. So if you are in search of house painters who will never leave you hanging and ensure a great paint job for your home or business, get in touch with us today!