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Trust the best to paint your home.

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Have us paint your stucco home.

We’re one of the most trusted painting companies in Phoenix.

Is your stucco starting to chip, flake, or fade? It’s time for new paint.

At Crash of Rhinos Painting, stucco exteriors are all we do. Our detailed prep, repair, and painting process ensures a long-lasting, great-looking finish.

We’re a house painter dedicated to providing you with a great experience. From our detailed proposal to our communication throughout your painting project, you’ll love working with our team.

If you need professional house painting here in Phoenix, call us to get your free proposal.

(602) 540-7471

Our quality service is unmatched.

Why Us?

No Upfront Costs

Starting with our free proposal, you don’t pay our team anything until the job is complete and we’ve finished our final quality review. We want you to be satisfied with everything.

7-Year Warranty

We back our Phoenix painting service with a 7-year warranty. That’s a full five years longer than the state requires, and several years longer than many other companies offer. We’re that confident.

Licensed, Bonded, Insured

Our team is licensed, bonded, and insured for your protection. Never work with a Phoenix painting company without first checking that their insurance coverage and licensing are valid and up-to-date.

Quality Paint

We’re proud to use Dunn-Edwards paint. Their exterior paints are specially formulated to stand up to Southwest sun, dust, and rain. On your home, it’ll last longer and look better.

HOA Services

If you live in a neighborhood with an HOA, they most likely have color standards you need to follow. With our Color Consultant service, we’ll handle all the hassle of finding approved colors.

Digital Renderings

It’s tough to picture what your home will look like once painted. Our Professional Color Consultant will create digital renderings of your home to help you decide what color is the right fit.

Our team is all about quality and a job well-done, as can be seen on this completed home.

See our latest work.

Our paint speaks for itself.

The right paint—and the right process—can transform the look of a home. Check out our gallery to see our team’s latest completed projects, pictures of our team at work, and much more!

“We are fully satisfied with the quality of the work and price we paid.”

“Quality work with unbelievable customer service throughout the entire process.”

“This company is THE ABSOLUTE BEST! I have had them paint 2 properties for me, and we are more than satisfied.”

Using a ladder, our inspector gets up-close-and-personal with the roof, inspecting our team's work ahead of the end of the project.

Done right from start-to-finish.

We paint homes the right way.

Our process is simple. Unlike some other Phoenix painting contractors, we don’t hide behind industry jargon. We empower you by giving you updates and answering all your questions.

Save time and avoid the hassle.

We’ll help you find the perfect color.

Our Professional Color Consultant will meet with you, review your color choices, and create digital renderings. We’ll help you pick the right color.

Our Professional Color Consultant will work with your HOA to get approved color palettes and file any needed paperwork.

We’ll handle all the paperwork.

Let us work with your HOA.

Our Professional Color Consultant will talk directly to your HOA and get their list of approved paint colors, ensuring your home is up to code.

We only use Dunn-Edwards.

Your home deserves the very best paint.

Ultimately, great Phoenix house painting comes down to the paint. It’s why we use Dunn-Edwards paint, specially created for homes in the Southwest.

Our team is all about quality and a job well-done, as can be seen on this completed home.

We don’t cut corners on our work.

Quality work looks great.

Here’s what separates us from other Phoenix painters: quality assurance is built into our process. Our attention-to-detail makes a big difference.

Doing our part to keep you safe.

Get your free digital proposal.

Our entire proposal and inspection process is now contactless. If you need exterior house painting here in Phoenix, start with a free proposal.

We don't charge our customers anything upfront, which means you don't pay until the job's completed.

No upfront costs or hidden charges.

You don’t pay until the work’s done.

When you work with us for your exterior home painting here in Phoenix, you don’t owe us anything until we’ve completed our final quality check.

Your stucco contractors in Phoenix.

We serve the entire Valley.

A Crash of Rhinos painter gets paint from a bucket as they prepare to repaint this home in Mesa, Arizona.

Our team is hiring!

We’re looking for great painters.

We’re currently looking for full-time painters with at least two years of experience. We offer competitive pay, health benefits, paid holidays, and more! Click the link to learn more about us.