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Why Communication Is Important When You Paint Your House

Finding the right service provider

Let’s face it, we have all dreaded having our homes undergo a renovation or paint job. The effort and time that goes into the entire process are made even more stressful if the paint applied is not up to par with your expectations. In such cases, your investment is sure to go to waste.

In addition, engaging in a DIY painting project at home can further add to your timelines and costs making this option uneconomical. And, if you have never painted walls before, there is a high chance the finished outlook may look untidy and haphazardly done. This is why using a professional painting company is the best approach.

Why Communication Is Important When Painting Your Home

To examine this question let’s have a look at why communication with the service provider is important – not just before the job commences, but during the painting process as well. You want to be active and diligent when it comes to conveying your desired expectations. Here’s why.

1.Miscommunication Wastes Resources

When there is a lack of communication between the client and the painting company, there is always the risk of paint going to waste. For instance, if you have picked out a light olive green for your lounge and the painting company paints your walls olive green instead, then having it repainted can put all previous efforts and resources used to waste. Thus, to avoid this from happening, communicating with the painting company and having a patch test done first is what you want to focus on. And for this, communication is key!

2.Adds onto the Timeline

Lack of communication about the estimated timeline for the paint job to be completed can not only throw you off track, but also lead to a delay in the completion of the job. Missed deadlines can result from miscommunication and the rework that needs to occur.

3.Leads to Unwanted Costs

Communication also includes a breakdown of the costs. The materials that are going to be used, the cost of the paint, and the service being offered are what you want to bring to your knowledge from before. This can help you stay away from hidden costs that can increase your expenses.

4.Gives Undesired Results

If you don’t communicate your desired expectations to the painting company, you are sure to get a final result that is not what you expected. To save yourself from all these mishaps, having seamless communication with the painting company is therefore crucial. This is also why it is important to have renderings and paint samples applied to several places around the home so you will know what the paint should look like during different times of day.

How To Avoid Mishaps

There may be times where you may not be actively present to communicate with the service provider. Under such circumstances, you may feel agitated and stressed out. However, there is a way to put yourself at ease and have a smooth execution of tasks. For this, choosing a reliable and trusted painting company can help. One that has had years of experience, offers insights to their previous projects, has high customer satisfaction rates, and offers market-friendly prices.

Crash Rhino – Your Trusted Partner In Phoenix

At Crash of Rhinos Painting we do not charge for our services till the job is complete. This also starts with a free proposal and communication on the paint we use, the cost estimates, and what the timeline for the job is going to be. Taking a proactive approach and communicating each step in the process is what you will receive from our certified and experienced staff.

We offer licensed and insured services that come with a 7-year warranty. For an additional cost, we can provide digital renderings on which you can have a glimpse of what your home is going to look like after being painted your desired color. If you’re confused about which color to go for, we have a solution for you. Our Color Consultant can guide you further and help you transform your home in no time!

How We Get It Done Right

Crash of Rhinos Painting is sure to be accessible at all times to listen to your concerns. You can reach us by calling us or sending us an email. Our staff is quite proactive when it comes to building client relationships and addressing concerns. This is why we have high customer satisfaction rates. We seek to deliver on our promises, and for this, we place meaningful and seamless communication with our clients at all times. Here’s how it’s done.

✔We provide free proposals.
✔A proposal is put forward to give you an idea of what the painting process is going to entail. This also includes cost breakdowns and the brand of paint that is to be used.
✔We address all questions before getting started
✔Our Color Consultation experts guide you further if needed
✔A progress report is presented to our clients daily
✔We are open to addressing new queries and questions that our clients have along the way. Our friendly and professional attitude is what you are sure to find throughout the process. This is what makes us stand out from our competitors.
✔We make sure yo are happy with the job we have done before you pay us.

For more details on how we do it, you can access our blog on our communication process here.

Wrapping It Up!

Now that you know why communication is important when it comes to painting your house, you can now make an informed decision. And, to further facilitate you and save you time on searching for a professional painting company, the contact details, and breakdown of Crash of Rhino Paintings’ process can be accessible by clicking here.