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Residential Painting – No Payments Until We Are Done

No Payments Until We Are Done

Many houses need a fresh coat of paint every ten years or so. Painting your house helps secure it from the elements, makes it look good, and allows you to enjoy your home more. The problem with painting a house yourself is that it can take quite a while. Also, if you don’t reside in a rancher, you will need ladders to get to the second or third story. Thus, several people prefer contacting a professional to get their homes painted. While this does sound a little easier, it comes with its own set of challenges. One of the biggest challenges among these is the payment process – when do you pay a painter?

The ideal situation is not to make any upfront payments. Rather, it is best to pay once the entire painting job is complete.

In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about why you shouldn’t pay painting contractors until the job is done, and much more.

Why Shouldn’t You Make Upfront Payments?

Here are some reasons why you should pay contractors only when the job is completed.

1. Ensure High-Quality Work

Painters can demand upfront payment for many reasons. They could simply use your initial payment for personal means. If this happens, they could perhaps rush the painting job to obtain further payment for the people involved. By agreeing to seemingly fair down payment, you forfeit the quality of work you paid for.

2. Ensure Project Deadlines Are Met

Once painting contractors get their upfront payment, there’s a high chance of them slacking off. Not making upfront payments will also help you steer clear of slackers.

Reaching on time and finishing the task before a deadline are qualities you need to look for. Plus, they should also leave when they say they will so that they don’t disturb you for too long. There are several reasons why painters don’t stick to the time frame they committed.

Therefore, if you commit to making the payment once the job is complete, they will be pushed into being more punctual and professional.

3. More Room to Fix a Bad Paint Job

In a perfect world, every contractor would be trustworthy and reliable. You should be able to hire exterior painters with confidence, and without worrying about the likelihood of a poor result, or an unprofessional paint job.

Sadly, the world we live in is far from perfect. The truth is there are a number of unprofessional painters out there who end up doing a pretty bad painting job.

By not paying painting contractors upfront, you have more room to check a paint job once it’s complete and get it fixed if it’s not done correctly.

4. Signals A Good Reputation

If a painting contractor were reputable, they would have sufficient work and cash to purchase most of the supplies, and they collect the complete payment once the project is finished.

Don’t pay your painting contractor upfront. Ideally, you should pay exterior painters only when the work is completed to your liking and satisfaction.

How to Choose a Painter

Till now, we have talked about why you should choose a painting contractor who doesn’t charge an upfront fee. Well, here’s a complete list of things you should see if you are looking for the best painting contractor:

1. High-Quality Paint and Process

A top-quality painter shouldn’t have any problems guiding you through each step of the process, along with the paint they will be using for your home. As a matter of fact, they should have complete knowledge of the work they do and the paints they use. If they seem unsure, then this should be the first indication of the possibility of facing issues in the future.

Certain companies are okay with cutting corners to save money. However, at Crash of Rhinos, we refuse to compromise on service or quality for our valued customers. We use top-quality Dunn-Edwards paint for all our projects, and we guarantee that it will pass the test of time.

2. No Upfront Payments

Even though we have discussed this in quite detail above, but this still needs to be reiterated. If the craftsmanship and work quality is good, the painter shouldn’t have any issue accepting the entire payment once the job is done. If they ask you for the payment upfront, that is your chance to say no. Look for contractors who will let you see the final outcome before asking for payment.

At Crash of Rhinos, we complete our projects before requesting any money. You don’t need to worry about any upfront costs when you choose our services. In fact, you don’t pay until you are fully satisfied with the job we have done.

3. 100% Guarantee

If there are any issues with the paint job, an experienced and professional contractor should be willing and ready to take responsibility for the work they do. If necessary, they will redo the entire job from scratch. This is because they’re sure such mistakes are quite rare. The top-quality paint and process they use significantly reduce the likelihood of any major mistakes.

Since we are confident of the work we do, we provide a 7-year warranty on our exterior painting services. Thus, if you have troubles or problems in the first seven years, you can just call us to come and fix them. Our focus is not just to complete the job but we want you to be happy and satisfied in the long run.

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When you choose us, you know precisely what you’re getting. We don’t sneak in any additional costs or services that you don’t need. Our goal is to complete a job for you and ensure you’re satisfied once we have completed the job.

We have plenty of happy clients who have given us high ratings for the projects we’ve completed for them. From a primary inspection and quote to the final touches, we take care of every detail and are proud of the work we do!

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