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House Painting Phoenix Professionals: How to Paint a House Exterior

Nothing can give your house an instantly better look, than a freshly painted exterior. And its not just that you get a better “look” for your house. Consider all the protection that quality exterior paint provides for your home. If you are planning on painting your house exterior, consider these recommendations from our house painting Phoenix professional team.

Things to consider before painting a house exterior

Before painting a house exterior, there are a few crucial things to consider. Here’s a list of important thing to keep in mind when preparing to paint your house exterior.

Square footage of exterior surfaces

The first thing people usually consider is the square footage of the exterior, in order to determine the painting costs. However, this isn’t the only factor that determines the cost of the house painting; there are some other factors to consider as well.

Current condition of your house surface

Another essential element to examine before painting your house exterior is the type of house surface. In case there are some cracks on the exterior surface, they need to be repaired before painting.

If your house hasn’t been painted in a while, there might be some holes in the outside walls. Before painting, all the cracks and holes should be repaired. These repairs are necessary if you want to be happy with the final outcome.

Peel-off surfaces

Another thing to inspect is if any of the house surfaces peel-off, which usually happens with the porch ceiling. If your house is old, there may be some gyp wall that needs to get fixed and prepared for painting.

Remove all items that can get in the way  

When preparing to paint your house exterior, it’s advisable to remove items such as the address plaque, mailbox, and outdoor furniture. If there are items that can’t be removed, try to protect them by covering them up with plastic cloth. Make sure to cover anything that is not going to be painted.

Check the weather

Weather conditions are one of the most important factors to consider when painting outside. For this reason, you should consider the time of year when you plan to start painting. The local weather should be favorable, so it’s advisable to start during dry periods of the year.

Dry periods are great for such work, since there is little to no rain at all. Humidity is also pretty low during dry periods, which is important for house exterior painting. Paint needs some time to dry, and paint doesn’t stick well to wet or humid surfaces.

Scrub the dirt

For paint to adhere to your house surfaces, they have to be cleaned of mildew and dirt. Scrubbing the surfaces with a stiff bristle brush is very effective and usually doesn’t take long. There is also a special sprayer you can use to accomplish this task.

Strike the nail heads

The next thing to do is tap all nail heads with a hammer, and fill any holes with exterior wall putty. If you apply caulking around your doors or windows, it’s good to use a paintable caulk. If previously painted surfaces are in good condition, you can start painting directly over them. In case there is a bare wood surface that you want to paint, you need to use a prime coat.

When all your preparations are accomplished and the prime coat is dry, it’s time to paint. You can paint with a roller, a brush, or you can use both. A brush is great for the doors and corners, while the roller is great for other surfaces.

House painting should be done professionally

Even though it may sound simple and easy to do it yourself, painting a house exterior can be a challenging experience. If not done properly, a DIY painting job may turn more expensive, as you spend money to repair accidental damage. It can end up more expensive than having outsourced it in the first place. For this reason alone, it’s always good to hire qualified house painting professionals.

House exterior painting should be done professionally because it greatly improves the final appearance of a house. Our professional house painting Phoenix team has the skills and experience to make your house beautiful and add value to it.

Speaking of value, another reason to hire the best house painters Phoenix can offer is to make sure your house is preserved properly. If you plan on selling your house, its exterior will have a huge impact on the first impression your potential buyers get. Our painting Phoenix team ensures you get good results and enjoy the view of your house both on the outside and the inside.

Qualified painters guarantee good results

Painting your home exterior takes time and money. It’s a long-term investment, so it’s important to take care of all the details first. If you pay attention to the quality of your house exterior painting, your house will look great for a really long time to come. For this reason, you need to ensure that your house exterior is painted by reputable house painters.

Our qualified painters have adequate skills and experience in exterior house painting. Feel free to contact us and check out our suggestions. We only use quality paint from reputable paint manufacturers to guarantee your satisfaction.

We provide a seven-year warranty on our painting; five years longer than what is legally required. We offer you exterior paint color schemes that match your house and the environment around it.

In order to provide high quality results, our painting Phoenix professional team uses only high-quality paint. Quality paint doesn’t fade after painting. Low quality paint is known to fade, leaving the house exterior with an uninviting look. It’s wise for house owners to allow our house painting Phoenix professionals to pick the right paint for a house exterior.

Our qualified professionals will also help you select the right colors for your house exterior. Selecting the right colors plays a great role in how your house will look afterwards, when the painting process is over.

It’s always desirable to choose colors that match your house and its environment. It is good to remember that the colors used for interior painting may not always work well on the house exterior.

Our painters ensure that your house surfaces are clean before the painting process even starts. This is a key process which determines the outcome of the painting process. Our team takes all of the necessary steps to make sure that the prep work is done properly. These steps may include actions such as repairing, scraping, and pressure washing. Surface preparation work is the key to successful exterior house painting.