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Color Consultation Options with Crash of Rhinos Painting

One of the most fun yet challenging things about owning a home is deciding on the right colors for your house. Most homeowners start with a vision. But choosing the colors that bring the idea to life can cause enough uncertainty to delay the start of a painting project.

A color consultation can help make the process feel less overwhelming.
But where do you find the best color consultant for your project? In this guide, you’ll explore color consultation options and learn a few tips on working with a professional to get your exterior color schemes just right.

Why Color Matters

There’s one in every neighborhood—a house with a confusing color scheme that stands out (and not in a good way).
Does the color of your home even matter to anyone but you?
Exterior colors do matter for several reasons. First, the wrong color can impact the value of a home. Real estate professionals know it, and if they’re savvy, they advise sellers who plan to paint not to use the color yellow.

Second, if you live in a community with an HOA, there are paint color rules you must follow. Most HOAs don’t permit homeowners to use bright, loud, or unusual exterior paint colors.
Choosing the right paint color could help you save money on your energy bill.

Finally, lighter colors reflect heat from the sun. Dark colors absorb heat. The hotter the walls and roof, the hotter the temperature will be inside your home, which can result in higher energy bills.
Finally, when you choose a color that’s pleasing to the eye, you feel more content with how your home looks.

Crash of Rhinos Painting and Color Consultation

With so much importance placed on choosing the best exterior paint colors, many homeowners seek help from a professional consultant. What is a color consultant?

If you visit a salon and need help choosing the right hair color for your complexion, you talk to a hair color consultant. Business owners often hire a consultant to help them choose colors that represent their branding.

Color consultants use color theory to help clients create spaces that reflect their desires, needs, and unique personalities.
Think of the exterior of your home as a type of personal branding. A paint color consultant can help you narrow down your choices and precisely choose the best color for your home. You can enjoy all the benefits of a color consultation right from the comfort of your home.

A color consultant doesn’t expect you to choose colors based on a tiny paint swatch like what you’ll find at your local home improvement store. Instead, they apply paint color samples directly to your home’s exterior.

This allows you to see how the different color schemes look at different times of the day. You’ll also be able to see how the colors blend with your existing landscaping. By scheduling a color consultation with Crash of Rhinos Painting, you’ll also avoid issues with your HOA.

How Color Consultants Work with HOAs

Many Phoenix homeowners live in planned communities governed by HOA boards. Selecting exterior paint colors with the help of a color consultant means you’ll follow a well-defined process. It can also help ensure you don’t break any of the rules set in the CCRs for your HOA.
After you’ve worked with your consultant to select the new paint colors, it’s time to work on the approval of your HOA.

The color consultant sends paperwork with your paint color selections to the HOA. Included in the paperwork will be a digital rendering. This allows the HOA board to see what the colors will look like once the project is finished.

Working with an HOA can be somewhat challenging. The color consultant will help you complete all of your HOA’s requirements to ensure a successful painting project.
Next, we’ll share one of the exterior paints Crash of Rhinos Painting prefers for homes in the Phoenix area.

Dunn-Edwards Is a Preferred Exterior Paint

If you’re like many other Phoenix homeowners, the siding on your home is stucco. It’s one of the most popular house coverings in Arizona and other states in the Desert Southwest.

Aside from its beautiful appearance, stucco works well on Phoenix homes because it holds up under the hot, dry desert climate. Stucco is also energy-efficient and sound-resistant.

If you have a stucco home, you’ll need to have it painted with acrylic exterior paint. Dunn-Edwards carries a line of interior and exterior paints to work on stucco exteriors. Dunn-Edwards paint is formulated for exteriors in desert climates. It’s the paint of choice for the Crash of Rhinos Painting.

DIY Color Selection

When considering color consultation options, it’s sometimes tempting to either enlist the help of a friend or rely solely on the advice of the person in the paint department at one of the big box home improvement stores.

While there’s nothing wrong with asking a friend for their opinion, you need more than an opinion to make the best choice. Even the store’s paint specialist isn’t always 100 percent correct about what colors will work with your style and your HOA rules (if applicable).

For one thing, it’s hard for a friend to remain neutral. And they may not have much experience choosing exterior paint colors. Store employees may understand paint formulas and colors, but they won’t know how a particular color will look on your home.

That’s where a color consultant from Crash of Rhinos Painting can step in and offer their expertise. The fact that your consultant also coordinates your project with your HOA is priceless.

Schedule Your Color Consultation Today

There’s no reason to lose sleep over choosing paint colors for your home. When you work with a color consultant, you’ll enjoy the many benefits of their expertise, including samples and assistance working with your HOA.

Working with Crash of Rhinos Painting means you’ll have experienced painters—who specialize in painting stucco exteriors—working on your project.

Contact our team today and schedule your color consultation. It’s the first step towards beautifying your home’s appearance.