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Great painting prep makes all the difference

When it comes to painting the exterior of stucco homes here in Phoenix, prep work isn’t just something—it’s everything. The bottom-line is this: if you hire a painter that doesn’t prep the exterior of the home right prior to painting, your new paint is going to peel and fade faster. It just won’t be able to stand up to the elements here in the Valley. Believe us: great painting prep makes all the difference.

That’s why Crash of Rhinos has a proven, time-tested process for preparing your home’s stucco for painting. To learn more about our painting process and to get a free quote, contact us today, or call our team at (602) 540-7471.

Choose a team that will get it right the first time

When our team arrives at your home, we’ll start the process of prepping your home for painting. Here’s what we start with:

Moving furniture, removing fixtures, and pulling back rocks

While it may be easier to tape off lighting and other exterior home fixtures, removing them, if possible, provides a much more reliable and efficient way to get a consistent look.

The rocks around your home can get in the way of a clean finished edge. By moving them away from the foundation, we get full coverage with leaving no stones masked by paint.


All of the exterior doors, windows, and immovable fixtures are carefully covered in tape and plastic to protect them from stray paint.

Pressurized wash

Removing as much of the grit, residue, and grime from your home’s exterior ensures paint has a solid surface to grab onto. Otherwise, the risk of paint flaking, peeling, or bubbling is greatly increased.

Repairing flaws

At this stage, damaged stucco and drywall are taken care of to make sure you get a uniform and appealing finish.

Sealing the stem wall

One of the most important parts of your home is where the foundation meets the exterior. Called the stem wall, we make sure it is scraped clean of old paint and sealed to prevent the egress of moisture.

Priming and Painting

Using separate primers, we prep each surface to promote the best paint adhesion and colors that really pop. Then each surface is painstakingly painted to perfection.

Choose a team that does the homework

Too many stucco painting companies in the Valley are willing to take shortcuts when it comes to prep work. That’s just going to lead to unsatisfactory results for you and your home down the road. At Crash of Rhinos, we take the time to do painting prep work right because we know it matters.