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Here’s how painting your home boosts its value

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Right now, the Valley’s real estate market is hotter than our summertime highs. To get the best-possible return when they sell, homeowners throughout the Phoenix metro area are looking for ways to maximize the value of their home.

One of the top projects to consider is interior and exterior painting. These two high-ROI projects can make a big difference in your home’s value and overall curb appeal. In this article, we’ll provide a guide to completing both of these projects and getting more out of your largest investment: your home. For more on stucco exterior painting and the home value boost you can expect out of this project, check out our infographic below.

Check out our guide to boosting your home’s value

Thinking about selling your home? Paint it!

From kitchen remodels to extending the patio, Valley homeowners often take on remodeling projects in the months leading up to a sale so that they can maximize both the offers they get and their appraisal. Interior and exterior painting should be on your pre-sale improvement list, too. Here in the Valley, there are two main reasons you should paint the inside and outside of your home prior to listing it:

Increase your home’s value

Both interior and exterior painting are projects with a significant return-on-investment (ROI). On average nationally, painting both the inside and outside of your home yields a $4,000+ value bump. That’s a 107% ROI for interior painting and a 55% ROI for exterior painting.

While the raw ROI number for exterior painting may not seem impressive at first glance, new paint for your stucco home in Phoenix also has another critical benefit for your home’s value and ability to sell.

Improve your home’s curb appeal

In a 2019 survey conducted by the National Association of Realtors, 66% of real estate professionals agreed that exterior paint is essential to a home’s curb appeal, and is a project that homeowners should complete prior to listing.

Exterior paint can say a lot about your home at first glance—even if you skip having your home painted prior to listing. Peeling paint along the stem wall, faded paint on walls, or chipped stucco may send the message that the property hasn’t been that well-maintained. You may be inadvertently influencing what the buyer thinks about the home before they even get to the front door.

Remember, in today’s day-and-age, “curb appeal” is more than just what your house looks like from the street. It’s critical that your home makes a positive first impression online, too. For a prospective buyer swiping past dozens of listings in a minute, the exterior of your home may only have seconds to make the case that they should click on the listing and learn more about your property. That’s the true difference-maker that curb appeal makes. More online views means more in-person visits, which means more competitive offers.

Your guide to painting the interior of your home

Generally speaking, the interior of your home should be repainted every 7-8 years. If you have kids or pets, you’ll probably need to repaint more often than that. You should also plan on repainting ahead of listing your home: you’ll want every room looking its best prior to that first prospective buyer walking through the front door.

When in doubt, stick with neutral colors, such as white, off-white, and light gray. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can make use of color theory to bring certain shades to different rooms. For example, lavender—a relaxing, calming color—is best used in bedrooms, where people want to unwind after a long day. For an expanded guide of room-by-room color recommendations, be sure to check out our new infographic below.

Trust the professionals with your stucco home’s exterior paint

In many parts of the country, exterior painting is a feasible—although potentially time-consuming—project for many homeowners to tackle themselves. Here in Phoenix, however, we recommend that you hire a professional for your stucco home exterior painting.

Unlike other types of home exteriors, stucco requires greater care and extensive prep work prior to painting. Failure to do so could result in the paint not adhering properly, with an immediate impact on how the paint looks and reacts to the extensive sun we get here in the Valley. The paint quality itself also matters: only professional-grade, UV-resistant paint specially formulated for the desert should be used on the exterior of your stucco home.

When it comes to stucco, the benefits of hiring a professional are just too important. One of the great things about working with our team is the peace of mind we provide that the project will be finished on-time and will look great in the end. Homeowners who are planning on selling their home already have so much to think about, so removing exterior painting from the equation just makes sense.

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See how interior and exterior painting can boost your home’s value