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Traditional Home in Phoenix, Arizona


Project Scope

Today we’re looking at an exterior house painting project in an older neighborhood of Phoenix, Arizona. Our dedicated crew has worked to overcome the challenges of this property, and the results are beautiful.

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Painting a traditional style home built in 1961 with shiplap and red brick facade can be a daunting task, but with careful consideration, we modernized the color palette while still preserving the home’s architectural integrity. The first step was choosing colors that complement the other homes in the neighborhood with their brick and shiplap materials. The home owner decided to use our color consultation process and ultimately chose a timeless palette.


Haze Blue

The main body color for this home is a Dunn-Edwards color called Haze Blue.


Warm White

The secondary color is Warm White and was used to accent the home.



The homeowner choose a third color, Black for the doors and shudders.


The Issues

The traditional home that we were tasked with painting was in need of painting. The home was built in 1961 and had features like plywood soffits and traditional painted windows.

  • Rusty Lintels
  • Separating Trim Seams
  • Peeling Paint
  • Faded Colors

This home was in desperate need of a fresh coat of paint to bring it back to life. We were up for the challenge and excited to tackle this project and give the homeowner the beautiful and well-maintained home. Our team began by tackling all of the repair items.

  • Scraping and removing all of the loose paint
  • Caulking all of the separating trim
  • Repairing the soffits
  • Caulking and priming all of the cracked and exposed surfaces
  • The End Result

    We achieved great success with our diligent efforts on the Phoenix residence. The house underwent a remarkable transformation that revitalized its appearance. Our team demonstrated meticulous attention to detail in preparing the surfaces for painting, addressing any damage and ensuring optimal conditions for the job. The premium-grade paint that we applied resulted in a robust and durable finish that could withstand the harsh desert climate. By selecting a traditional palette, we rejuvenated the home with a


    contemporary aesthetic that captured attention but remained true to its traditional architecture.The skill and commitment of our team were apparent in the painting process and the meticulous cleanup of the work area. The homeowner was very happy with the impressive outcome and loved working with our team. The caliber of our workmanship and paint ensure that the home’s appearance will remain beautiful and well-preserved for many years ahead.