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Phoenix Professional Color Consultant: Get Help Choosing Exterior Paint Color

Color can be deceiving. Even though it seems simple to visit the Dunn-Edward Paints website and choose the color you like, the same color can look much different on a computer or on a color sample card, than it does on the exterior of a home. Often times, it is rather difficult for homeowners to decide on the best color for your home. In some cases, the wrong color choice is made, and the results are catastrophic, not to mention difficult to look at! It is also true that in Arizona, many homeowners have to go back and forth with their HOA to have their color choice approved. A simple solution to help you choose the right exterior home paint color and manage the back and forth with your HOA is to: consult the advice of a Professional Color Consultant!

A Professional Color Consultant makes things easier

On average, a skilled Professional Color Consultant can save a homeowner between 8 to 12 hours of work that they would normally have to do themselves. This is a huge benefit, as many homeowners have busy lives and they do not want the headache that comes with HOAs and researching paint samples. Here are a few of the ways a Professional Color Consultant will make your life easier during an Arizona exterior home painting project.

Communicates with the HOA

You would not think that picking out a color to paint the exterior of your home would be such a hassle, but when a home is under the management of an HOA, it can become….well, frustrating to say the least. A Professional Color Consultant will obtain the pre-approved color palettes from your HOA, gain approval for the color that you have chosen, and submit all necessary paperwork on the homeowner’s behalf, so they will not have to worry about a thing!

Produces Digital Renderings

Choosing a color for the exterior paint of a home can be tricky. To help with this decision, a Professional Color Consultant will lay out a digital map of the actual home with all of the details included! Once the digital rendering of the home is completed, the Professional Color Consultant will make contact with the homeowner to get their input on the different colors that they, the homeowners, prefer. Then, they will apply these different paint samples to the rendering. The ability to visualize a paint color through a digital rendering is extremely helpful to the homeowner. It allows them to see the maximum paint options available and to be more certain of their paint color decision.

Keeps the Lines of Communication Open

Throughout this process, the Professional Color Consultant will be contacting the homeowner consistently to make sure they are well informed of the progress and status of the project. When going through an HOA specifically, the process can take some time; and it is important for the homeowner to be well informed.

Provides a One-on-One Color Consultation

A Professional Color Consultant will schedule a time to meet with the homeowner at their house to discuss exterior paint color options. They will arrive with a few samples to put up on the home to give the homeowner a better idea of what the paint will actually look like when it is applied to the exterior and has dried. They will also give expert advice by examining all aspects of the home, pointing out elements such as the color of tile or fixtures, to make sure that the color will compliment all areas of the home. Then, they will sit down with the homeowner to narrow down the options until a final color decision is made.

Phoenix Professional Color Consultant, an Affordable Option

Exterior house painting can be an inconvenience in itself to a homeowner: having to work out schedules and meetings, and dealing with a mess for a few days until the project is complete. However, when you add in the paint selection process and having to go back and forth with the HOA, a home painting project can quickly go from an inconvenience to a large headache that can take hours of work!

A Professional Color Consultant is an optional service that is offered to homeowners. For only $129, the homeowner is freed up from hours of work, the hassle of dealing with the HOA, submitting correct paperwork, and the burden of choosing the correct exterior home paint color on their own. This small fee is well worth the time and energy that is saved.

Choosing a Professional Color Consultant Makes Sense!

Unless you are in the business of choosing paint colors, it is very difficult for a homeowner to be experienced enough to independently choose the best-looking color for the exterior of their home. Many homeowners have an idea about what they want for their paint color; but often times, the colors they envision are too light or dark, and also, out of place here in Arizona or in their community. There is always that one house on the street painted a bright yellow, which has everyone exclaiming, “What were they thinking!” As a homeowner, you do not want to have “that” house.

This is where a Professional Color Consultant will come in handy. They have the knowledge to take the necessary steps with HOAs, the experience to know what colors will make a home look outstanding, and what colors a homeowner should avoid at ALL costs. Without their help, a homeowner could find themselves in the disastrous situation of hating their paint color, and having to make the choice to either deal with it or pay to have it painted a 2nd time! Both scenarios present a lose-lose situation.

Ask about a Professional Color Consultant

Make sure to ask your Phoenix, Arizona painting company about Professional Color Consultant services. Some companies offer some sort of advisement service, but Crash of Rhinos Painting is one of the only painting companies in Arizona that offers the services of a Professional Color Consultant, whose sole responsibility is making your life easier through the exterior home painting process.

For more information about our Professional Color Consultant, please give us a call at Crash of Rhinos Painting today! 602.540.7471