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Get a digital preview of your paint color.

As Phoenix house painting professionals, we specialize in stucco exteriors and stucco painting.
Our Professional Color Consultant prepares digital renderings that show the homeowner their color options.

What are digital renderings?

Get a picture of your painted home.

During our initial inspection, we take a video of your home’s exterior. Our Professional Color Consultant uses high-quality still images from this video to create realistic digital renderings of your home with different paint colors, giving you an idea of what the paint might actually look like. Digital renderings help you make a confident decision about your home’s future paint color.

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Why get a digital rendering?

Choose a color with confidence.

For many homeowners, selecting an exterior paint color is one of the most difficult parts of the painting process. Even when working within the limited color palette of an HOA, making a decision can be hard if you can’t visualize what the paint looks like. That’s where our digital renderings come in. They allow you to see what different paint color choices will ultimately look like.

Let’s make your decision easier.

Here’s how it works.

Our Professional Color Consultant will work with your HOA to get approved color palettes and file any needed paperwork.

1. We’ll narrow down your options.

First, our Professional Color Consultant will contact your HOA to get the approved color palette for your neighborhood. Then, we’ll review those options with you and start narrowing down the list.

Our Professional Color Consultant prepares digital renderings that show the homeowner their color options.

2. We create the rendering.

Using specialized software, our Professional Color Consultant then maps the paint color onto a photo of your home, creating a realistic, light-specific rendering of your home with the new paint.

Our Professional Color Consultant shows off digital renderings of the home to the homeowner on a laptop.

3. We review renderings with you.

Finally, our Consultant will meet with you and review the renderings. Seeing the options in a real-world setting, with realistic lighting, should help you make a decision. Of course, we’ll help, too.

Our Professional Color Consultant reviews some exterior paint samples with a local homeowner, advising them on their options.

A digital rendering is just the start.

We’ll send you paint samples.

Our digital renderings are good, but they’re never going to be as good as the real deal. Once you’ve made a decision, we’ll send you some paint samples. Take these samples around the exterior of your home to see what they look like from different angles, at different times of day. If the color you’ve selected still looks great, you’re ready to go and we’re ready to get started.

Our Professional Color Consultant.

Save time by working with a pro.

There’s nothing like having a true expert in your corner. At every step of the way, our Professional Color Consultant will be there to help you. We handle everything from communicating with your HOA to creating digital renderings and advising you on your color options. Our goal is to help you find an attractive color that you’ll love for years to come.

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