High-Quality Exterior House Paint: 5 Things to Look For

Guest Article By Noah Winkles, New Life Painting

Here’s something you should know: high-quality paint will provide better coverage and last longer. In contrast, if you opt for a cheaper type of paint, you risk paint failure down the road.

But, when you walk into a paint store and see rows upon rows of paint cans, how can you determine which are high-quality, and which are not? Should you just choose the most expensive, figuring it must be high-quality? Or, is there something else that can tell you if you’re making the best purchase possible? Read on for 5 things to look for in high-quality exterior house paint.

Here are 5 things to look for in high-quality exterior house paint

1. Sheen matters

First, you need to make sure you select a paint color that will be available in a high-quality paint.

Even though color matching can get you pretty much whatever color you want in any brand, the sheens vary from brand-to-brand, and when you’re painting something as large as a house, a difference in sheen could make the color look completely different than what you were expecting.

Most people opt for warm, neutral palettes on the exterior, but blues and grays are becoming more and more popular, too. If you’re struggling with your color decision, see if you can find a paint company that offers color combination cards. These give you suggestions for your exterior, including siding and trim, taking the guesswork out of your process.

To make sure you’re selecting a brand with a sheen you like, paint sample boards with each paint you’re thinking about. Put them in different spots of your home, watching how the color changes throughout the day. When you have one or two you think you like, paint a swatch in a sunny area and observe it over a few days.

2. Latex or oil?

When it comes to choosing latex (water-based paints) or oil (includes alkyd paints), latex almost always comes out on top. That’s because water-based paints expand and contract with the siding. This is good because it helps your paint job stand up to weather. Oil-based paints block moisture and dry as an inflexible coating, which leads to cracks. However, there is a case to be made for oil if you already have oil-based paint on your house and it’s working out for you.

3. What is the warranty?

You should almost always go for premium paint when painting the exterior of your house. But which brand’s premium paint should you choose? Look at the premium line of a manufacturer and see what their warranty is. This can give you a good comparison because the longer the warranty, the more likely the paint will stand up to time and weather.

4. Pigments

The more coats you have to apply, the more money you’ll be spending. (And time. And effort.)

Choosing a high-quality paint that covers fully with only one coat is not only a smart financial and timely decision, it will give you better results in the long run. Lower-cost pigments in a paint will lead you back to the store for another can—again and again. Higher-quality pigments, like titanium dioxide, will give you better coverage. Find a product that is also fade-resistant so that your paint job will last many more years.

5. Do yourself a solid

Save yourself hassle and money by looking to the level of solids. You want solids above 45 percent. In fact, the higher, the better. Higher solids give you a stronger coating. But this isn’t as easy as snagging any paint off the shelf with a solid above 45. (In fact, grabbing it off the shelf will be hard anyway, because manufacturers don’t always list the solids on the label. For this information, you’ll need to talk to the retailer.) Some companies increase their solid percentage with cheap fillers.

How can you avoid purchasing these lesser products? Avoid inexpensive paints that boast high solids. You’ll have to spend more money for higher solids, but it will be worth it.

Preparation is key

Remember, it doesn’t matter how much you spend or how high the quality of your paint is if you don’t take care to do proper prep work. Repair cracks and other issues, prep the wood, and use a primer. Once your surface is ready, your high-quality paint will bond to it beautifully, giving you a color you can enjoy for years to come.

Noah Winkles is the vice president of New Life Painting. For over 35 years, New Life Painting has provided exterior painting services to residents and business owners living in California’s Central Coast.

What homeowners should know about PDCA painting standards

A high-quality exterior paint job can increase the beauty, value, and curb appeal of your home. When you’re selecting a contractor for this important project, choose a business with membership in the Painting and Decorating Contractors of America (PDCA). Here in the Phoenix metro area, that’s Crash of Rhinos Painting.

Crash of Rhinos is an Arizona painting company located in PhoenixWhat is the PDCA?

Founded in 1884, this is the only American trade organization for painting contractors. The PDCA has a mission to promote education, ethics, and excellence in this industry.

Member organizations must adhere to PDCA painting standards, which require work that is free of defects and establishes guidelines that protect the consumer from unsatisfactory work.

What is covered by the PDCA standards?

As a homeowner, you want to make sure that you can trust the contractors you hire to do the best-possible work. PDCA makes this possible with standards that set out:

  • What a properly painted surface looks like
  • When touch-up and/or repair is required
  • Cost guidelines that depend on the range of colors and types of finishes used
  • The scope and work and responsibilities of a painting contractor
  • The methodology by which estimates are created
  • The way specific surfaces should be prepared for painting

These examples only scratch the surface of what is covered by this comprehensive document, designed to increase industry transparency by creating expectations for ethical, high-quality work.

Why should I choose Crash of Rhinos Painting?

As a PDCA member, we live by these industry standards and rely on them to ensure that your home’s exterior paint job will be uniform and free of defects. In fact, all our jobs are covered by a complete seven-year warranty.

Every job begins when our experienced, professional team examines the surface and provides a detailed, written quote. Next, work with our color consultation team to find the ideal hue for your home, even if you need to receive approval from your homeowners‘ association.

Before we get started, you’ll view digital renderings of what your home will look like when the job is complete. We use high-quality Dunn-Edwards paint because it’s specially formulated to stay vibrant and fresh—even in the blistering summer sun and fierce monsoon rain here in Phoenix.

If you live in the Phoenix area, contact us today to request your quote for a fresh coat. We’re proud of our PDCA membership and stellar customer reviews, including an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Here’s why thinning exterior paint can lead to problems down the road

Unfortunately, it’s an all-too-common practice for some contractors to thin the exterior paint they use before applying it to the exterior wall. Thinning exterior paint helps to reduce their overhead because less paint is used in the project, but it can cause significant problems for the homeowner down the road.

In this blog, we’re going to explore the problems associated with thinned-out paint, and how to select an exterior painting company—like Crash of Rhinos Painting—that is trustworthy and does things right.

Fixures Removal Before PaintingWhat are the most-common problems associated with thinning exterior paint?

#1. Doing so modifies the color

When you water down exterior paint, it changes the color by making it lighter. This means that the end result often differs from the sample patches or the digital renderings, if the contractor provided them at all. Watered-down paint also causes inconsistencies, especially when the water and paint are poorly mixed. As a homeowner, you’ll notice this in the finished project, especially if your home is being painted in darker shades.

Avoiding this problem is as easy as finding a locally trusted exterior painting company that offers digital renderings, samples, and a free estimate. Get a pledge from that company that they don’t water down their paint supply.

#2. Consistency matters

Thinning paint changes its chemical consistency, which makes it less likely to cover the old color underneath. This is important: you don’t want the old paint showing through the new paint layer. In practical terms, this would mean that the contractor would need to apply multiple coats.

However, since come shadier contractors are thinning paint as a means of saving money, they’re probably not going to do that. Instead, they’ll bet that you might not notice the difference until they’ve been paid.

#3. It lowers the UV resistance

Watered-down paint doesn’t have the same properties as an untouched can does. When you add water, you change its properties. One problem with changed properties is a lack of UV resistance. Thinned paint will not withstand the sun as well. Faster fading means spending more money on touch-ups.

#4. It won’t stick as well

Exterior paint has a thick texture that helps it to stick to the stucco surface being painting. When you thin it out, it will not adhere to your home as well. This means that the paint is going to start peeling far, far earlier than it would have otherwise.

Think of exterior paint as a shield against the elements. If certain parts of that shield are significantly weakened, the whole structural integrity is compromised. The UV and adhesion issues caused by thinning exterior paint are going to mean that your freshly painted home will likely need to be repainted in less than 5 years. Not ideal!

Call Crash of Rhinos for exterior home painting done right

Consider this: Crash of Rhinos offers a 7-year warranty on our exterior painting. Why? Because we know we use the right paint and the right process, so that your home’s paint should last from 10-15 years, not 3-5.

Start your exterior home painting project by contacting our team. We offer free estimates, and we don’t charge upfront costs for our work.

We use Dunn-Edwards exterior paint, and here’s why

It’s the paint used on the Staples Center in Los Angeles and Caesar’s Palace casino in Las Vegas. There’s a reason for that: Dunn-Edwards exterior paint is designed to stand up to the elements here in the Southwest. That’s why we’re proud to use Dunn-Edwards paints here at Crash of Rhinos.

Founded more than 90 years ago, Dunn-Edwards paint has built a reputation as the premier paint supplier for beautiful homes and landmarks in the Southwest. With advanced engineering, Dunn-Edwards continues to develop paint that exceeds industry standards.

Here’s what makes it better.

Dunn Edwards PaintWorld leader in green manufacturing

Dunn-Edwards’ LEED-Gold certified paint manufacturing facility here in Phoenix is the first and only quality-control laboratory and plant in the coatings industry to achieve this coveted distinction. Utilizing smart chemistry, the manufacturer has developed some of the safest zero-VOC and ultra-low VOC paints and paint colorants on the market.

You can breathe easier knowing that the low-odor paints that we use perform well and have less impact on the environment—both in manufacturing and once on your home.

Continuous testing and improvement

Dunn-Edwards’ colors and finishes are benchmarked against the competition as part of regular testing, and have been proven to outlast many other well-known brands. We rely on these paints because we know these stringent quality specifications result in better adhesion and coverage as well as faster drying times.

That’s just one of the reasons that Crash of Rhinos offers a 7-year warranty on our exterior painting services—5 years longer than the minimum required 2 years.

Tested to stand up to the elements

Dunn-Edwards exterior paint resists mildew effectively. This paint is specially formulated to block UV rays to prevent fading. From the intense heat of the Phoenix sun to the summer monsoons experienced here, our paints are formulated to exceed industry standards in real-world Arizona conditions. We choose Dunn-Edwards exterior paint because the delicate finishes of the paints are durable.

Unmatched service

Here at Crash of Rhinos Painting, we prefer Dunn-Edwards exterior paint because of the paint quality. Need help choosing a color? Our professional paint advisors are here to assist. We offer one-on-one consultations, digital renderings, and more. We can work with your HOA if needed and help you choose the best paint for your needs to ensure that lasting beauty is achieved with your next project.

For a free quote, contact us today!

A walkthrough of Crash of Rhinos’ communication process

Communication is the key to building trust in any relationship, business or otherwise. At Crash of Rhinos Painting, we’ve put together a painting communication process that ensures that you are never in the dark.

In the interest of making sure you’re informed, we’re going to walk you through the process step-by-step so you know what to expect when you work with us.

To get a free exterior painting quote, contact us today.

Here’s how our communication process works:

1. In-person inspection

The process begins with one of our trained professionals coming to your house to conduct an in-person inspection. We will make a video recording of your entire property to identify any problems or issues that we will have to address while painting your home.

2. Proposal folder presentation

Immediately after the inspection is completed, our professional will put together a proposal folder and go over it with you. This information includes information about the job to be done, including the cost, the paint we’ll be using, and the overall scope of the job, as well as information about our insurance documentation and details of our 7-year warranty.

3. Questions and contract

Our technician will go over the folder with you, including a detailed contract, and answer any questions that you may have. The contract is included in the folder, but you needn’t sign it before the technician leaves. Take the time you need to go over the proposal, then sign and send it to us once you’re satisfied with what we offer.

4. Professional color consultation

If you haven’t yet decided on the color that you want for your house’s exterior, the next step in the communication process is a color consultation with one of our professional paint advisors. This involves digital renderings that will give you a good idea of what your home will look like at the completion of the project.

5. Progress reports on a daily basis

As a homeowner, you should never feel out-of-the-loop about what’s being done on your propertyThat’s why we follow up with our customers every day to keep them informed of what we plan to work on during any given day, as well as updates on what we’ve already accomplished.

Your home’s outer appearance says a lot about its character, and that’s why it’s important to work with an exterior painting company you can trust. Crash of Rhinos’ communication process fosters that trust by walking with you every step of the way. Contact us today to start the process.

What makes Crash of Rhinos different from other Phoenix painting companies?

At Crash of Rhinos painting, we offer exterior stucco painting services in the Phoenix metro area. We  back our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We know that you have choices when it comes to choosing an exterior paint company, so we work hard to set our company apart from others in the area, so you will always choose our business.

In this blog, we’ll review what makes Crash of Rhinos different from other painting companies here in Phoenix. To get started, contact us for a free estimate!

What makes Crash of Rhinos different?

#1. We provide a free quote for every job

Before you schedule a job with us, we will visit your home or office building to offer you a free quote. This includes an inspection and our painting proposal packet. We want you to know upfront what you are spending and what you can expect from us before we schedule the job.

#2. We don’t expect any money upfront

At Crash of Rhinos, we complete our work before we ask you for any money. They are no upfront costs associated with our services, and you don’t pay until you are happy with the job we’ve done.

#3. We use the highest quality paint

Some companies are okay with cutting corners to save money, but we refuse to sacrifice quality or service for our valued customers. We use high-quality Dunn-Edwards paint for every job, and we stand behind our statement that it will handle the test of time.

#4. We are confident enough in our work to warranty it

Because we believe that our work speaks for itself, we offer a 7-year warranty on our exterior painting services. That means if you have problems within the first seven years, we are happy to come out and fix it. We don’t just want to finish the job; we want you to be happy with it long-term.

#5. Our process is straightforward and clear

When you choose Crash of Rhinos, you know exactly what you are getting. We don’t sneak in any extra services or costs or try to sell you on things you don’t need. We are there to complete a job for you and make sure you are happy when we leave.

#6. We have over 400 five-star reviews

We have hundreds of happy clients that have given us high ratings for the work we’ve done for them. From an inspection and quote to the final touches, we leave no detail unnoticed and take pride in the work we do.

Learn for yourself what makes Crash of Rhinos different. Give us a call!

Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

Why you should hire an experienced exterior house painting company

Maybe you can’t remember the last time your home’s exterior was painted. Or perhaps you can visibly see signs that your exterior paint is starting to flake and wear away.

Either way, Crash of Rhinos Painting recommends that you turn to experienced painters to handle the job for you rather than trying to handle the job yourself, no matter how simple the task might seem.

Here are some even more solid reasons to leave such a job to the experts.


One of the most essential things to consider with exterior painting is your general safety, and that’s even if you only have a single-story home. An experienced house painter has all the tools and equipment (including the right paint!), as well as the training necessary, to do the best job possible on your painting project, which means better results.

Experience and knowledge

While there might be plenty of tutorials available for a variety of tasks, nothing beats overall experience, which is exactly what the experienced Phoenix house painters at Crash of Rhinos have. That experience means a reduced chance of risk, as well as a final result that looks exemplary.

Slapping a few coats of paint on your home might seem easy enough, but you don’t want to find out the hard way just how much more difficult the job actually is.

Spot other issues

During the painting job, there might be issues on the outside of your home that need attention. Thanks to their experience, professional painters are able to quickly identify such issues and likely know exactly what they are as well as what to do about them.

Imagine doing a great job of painting your home’s exterior on your own only to later learn you have to re-do it to address something like damaged stucco.


If you were to injure yourself while painting the outside of your home, your health insurance might take care of most of your medical bills, but your injuries could impact your ability to work, take care of your family, or enjoy your life. Professionals are insured, offering everyone peace of mind.

Call Crash of Rhinos for experienced exterior house painters

To learn more about exterior home painting and what a professional can do, answers are just an email away. Get in touch with Crash of Rhinos Painting today.

Here’s what makes our paint warranty policy different

At Crash of Rhinos Painting, we offer a seven-year paint warranty. It’s one of the things that makes us different.

In this blog, we’ll dive into just what makes our warranty special, and why an effective exterior painting warranty really matters to you as a homeowner—and says about the company.

To get started with Crash of Rhinos, schedule a free quote with us.

Pictured: Crash of Rhinos seven-year paint warranty certificate7 years, versus 2 years

The state of Arizona mandates that exterior painting companies have to provide at least a two-year warranty on their work.

That may not seem like much warranty, but many other companies tend to stay at 2-3 years, not expecting the layman to know just how long paint should last.

What does a paint warranty policy actually say?

The fewer years that are in the warranty, the less confident the painting company is in its prep work, its paint, or its quality assurance process. This makes sense: if a contractor knows that their paint actually only lasts five years, they’re not going to want to guarantee it for six. They’d be out of business!

Many exterior painters stick close to the two-year minimum for two reasons: first, because they aren’t obligated to offer more and, second, because they’re not confident in their products or services, or how their paint will stand up to a beating from Arizona’s sun and monsoon weather.

What our paint warranty says about us

In contrast, Crash of Rhinos offers a seven-year warranty on our exterior painting work. That’s five years above-and-beyond the minimum requirement.

Why? It’s because we know that our superior paint (Dunn-Edwards), thorough prep work, and careful quality assurance all add up to a home painting that is going to last for seven years or longer.

Oh, and here’s another thing:

Even if an exterior painting company offers a warranty—even a longer one—be sure to ask them just how much that warranty will cost. Many companies attract customers with generous warranties that they then upcharge people for when their service is complete.

Again, to contrast, our seven-year warranty comes with our service. No extra fees. No extra upcharge. In fact, it’s something that we lay out upfront in our proposal packet. It’s something that we feel customers deserve.

Choose Crash of Rhinos Painting

When it comes to exterior painting here in Phoenix, you have many choices. However, when it comes to great, customer-trusted exterior painting companies with an included, seven-year warranty, there’s really only one right choice: Crash of Rhinos Painting.

If your stucco home needs exterior painting, give us a call to schedule a free quote.

Here are the 5 things customers love about Crash of Rhinos Painting

Crash of Rhinos Painting is proud to be one of the best-reviewed exterior painting companies here in the Valley. That’s a reflection of not just the quality of our work at the end of the project, but our entire process.

In this blog, we’ll talk about the 5 things customers say they love about Crash of Rhinos—and why we do them.

#1. Our in-person estimate

Our exterior painting process starts with an in-person estimate. We come to you and inspect the exterior of your home, identifying through a video inspection what will need to be addressed in our painting process.

Time and time again, homeowners express how much this in-person inspection and estimate helps them understand our process better. It’s one of the reasons they love their experience working with Crash of Rhinos Painting.

#2. Our professional paint advisor services

Crash of Rhinos offers professional paint advisor services. Through this color consultation, our expert will help identify the right paint to use based on your neighborhood, existing HOA rules in your community, or just your personal taste.

#3. Our prep work process

Crash of Rhinos takes the time to do prep work right. Sure, most painting companies do some form of prep work. However, our prep work not only ensures that the paint will last and look great, but that your windows, fixtures, doors, and landscaping will be protected throughout the painting process.

When homeowners see our prep work for themselves, they understand why it matters. We want to leave your home looking great.

#4. Our daily follow-up and progress reports

We provide homeowners with regular updates on our progress and what we’ll be working on during different days of our project. Homeowners have told us that they love this level of communication. They never feel left in the dark or out-of-the-loop.

When you check out our reviews, you’ll notice that this regular and friendly communication throughout the project is what customers love most about working with Crash of Rhinos.

#5. Our 7-year warranty

Finally, when the project is complete, we back our work with a 7-year warranty. We’re that confident in the quality of our work and our paint. This warranty—five years more than what the state requires—is one of the main things that makes Crash different from other exterior painting companies.

This warranty gives homeowners peace of mind. Whether they stay in their home or sell their home in that period of time, they’ll know that the paint is protected for years to come.

Call Crash of Rhinos to get your estimate!

See for yourself what makes Crash of Rhinos one of the best-reviewed exterior painting companies in Phoenix. Contact us today to schedule your free estimate.

Here’s what to do when you get an HOA notice

You go to check the mailbox, and there’s an HOA notice. In no uncertain terms, they tell you that it’s time: your home’s paint has faded, and it’s time to get it repainted.

For homeowners in HOA-regulated neighborhoods, this letter is what often provides the motivation to start their home exterior painting process.

Yet, there’s no need to panic: here in Phoenix, Crash of Rhinos offers exterior home painting for stucco homes, and we’re used to working with HOAs to get results that are great for both the homeowner and the association.

HOA notice Phoenix Arizona

When you get an HOA notice in the mail, call Crash of Rhinos Painting.

Call Crash of Rhinos Painting

Typically, the letter will give you some kind of reasonable deadline to get your house painted. It’s not the same as a letter about pulling your weeds: associations understand that making home painting arrangements takes a little time.

Start by giving Crash of Rhinos a call, or by contacting us online. Tell us about the letter, and what it says.

Some HOAs help you save a few steps by including the acceptable exterior colors right there in the letter. But, if not, there’s a process we can go through to help you figure out what approved colors you can paint your house. It’s called our Professional Paint Advisor service, and, through it, we’ll work with your HOA on your behalf. More on that in a minute.

Get a free estimate

Next, we’ll come to your house when it’s convenient for you and give you a free quote. We’ll need to see the stucco, take measurements, and more. This quote is upfront and honest.

The quote gets bundled into a proposal packet that includes all the details about the project. If you’ve decided to use the Professional Paint Advisor, this will include the colors approved by your HOA and what you’ve selected. If not, we’ll provide you with instructions for getting an approved color.

We’ll also take video of your current home exterior during our quote. Basically, this gets turned into “game tape” for our painting team, who watch it before starting the work to see specific areas that need special attention.

The painting process begins

This is the easiest part of you. Our team handles the entire painting process from start-to-finish. After we’re done, we’ll talk to you and provide you with information about our really great warranty.

Now, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that your paint is guaranteed for the next seven years. Your HOA, seeing your freshly painted home, will be satisfied that you’re in compliance. On top of all that, your home’s value should increase because of the improved curb appeal.

Have you received an HOA notice? Call Crash of Rhinos for your free estimate!

An HOA notice about your exterior painting doesn’t have to be a stressful event. Just give Crash of Rhinos Painting a call. Our team specializes in painting stucco homes here in the Valley, and we’d love to help you.