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How to Choose an Exterior Painting Company in Phoenix, AZ

Is it time to do some exterior painting on your Phoenix, AZ home? How exciting! Your home is going to get a whole new look and feel and will have a beautiful new finish minus the chipped & peeling paint, chalking, and discoloration that you will typically find on the stucco homes in Phoenix, AZ. So you’re ready to get your house painted… now what. Well, it’s time to find a professional exterior painting company that will give you the best quality paint job for your money. And let’s be honest, not all paint companies are created equally. There is a wide variety of companies out there and it’s important you know what to look for before choosing a company that you can trust with your home.

Finding an Exterior Painting Company you can Trust

There are many factors to consider before officially deciding on a painting company that you can trust and you have full faith in painting your home. Doing your research beforehand could save you tons of hassle, headaches, and even money after all is said and done. So while you might want to jump at the first company you see, make sure to take your time before picking that perfect company for you. This is your home after all, you don’t want to trust it to just anyone!


As with any business, the ones that provide a solid service and go above and beyond to satisfy their customers, usually are able to stand the test of time. Look for a company that has years of experience. Years in business is important because the more experienced companies tend to improve over time. They recognize how to provide the best service to their customers, and continue to improve their products, processes, and quality of employees to make their business even better!


These days, reviews are one of the best way to weed out the dud companies. Utilize review sites such as Yelp, Google, Facebook, Home Advisor, and Angie’s List to find out what past customers had to say about their experience with this company. Make sure to look for the most recent reviews which will be the most relevant. You should also have an eye out for phony reviews. Real reviews will often mention an employees name and will go into detail about their overall experience. Reviews (the real ones at least) are an awesome way to gain some insight on a company before even having to contact them.

License & Workman’s Comp

The company that you hire is going to be present and working on your property. Without the proper licensing and workman’s comp for their crew, you could be held liable for injuries or mistakes that happen while they are on your property. DO NOT forget about this one! Whichever company you choose, make sure to ask about their business license and workman’s comp for their employees! A company that openly promotes their license and workman’s comp upfront on their website or when you meet with them, is usually a professional company that knows what is needed to do the job right.

Color Consultation

A professional exterior painting company will help direct you in the best decisions when it comes to color. This is an important step that many painting companies surprisingly do not offer. We provide our customers with an option to use our Professional Paint Advisor who helps our clients not only choose the right color, but also manages paperwork with the customer’s HOA, and utilizes tools such as digital renderings to help the customer choose the best color for their home. Color consultation is an added bonus that can save you hours of work that you would normally have to do on your own.

Prep Work Process

Prep work is the foundation for any successful exterior home paint project. If done incorrectly, it could doom the entire job! A professional paint company will have an extensive list of prep work steps that are taken to ensure that when it comes to actually applying the “paint” it will come out looking flawless. Some basic prep work steps will include pressure washing, pulling back landscaping and rocks from your walls, minor repairs of any stucco or drywall, scraping of old paint on stem walls, removing fixtures, masking off not painting areas such as windows and doors, and applying primer to your home prior to painting. If your talking with a company that does any less than this, you should continue your search!

Quality Products

Just like painting companies, the paint itself can vary in quality and it’s extremely important that you know where the paint is on the quality spectrum. Some companies don’t disclose what paint they will be using on your home, while other use this as a selling point- which they should! Paint quality can greatly effect not only the initial look of your home, after the painting is done, but how well the paint will hold up to natural elements over time. Elements such as the strong AZ sun as well as rain, wind, hail etc can take a toll on a home’s paint. The stronger the paint quality, the longer it will last!


A warranty on your paint project is standard. In fact the standard warranty for exterior home painting in AZ is 2¬†years. However some companies work so hard to provide the best service and product to their customers that they offer an even more extensive warranty. Make sure you completely understand the details of the company’s warranty and what is covered.

Crash of Rhinos Painting

We would be more than honored to help you paint the exterior of your home. We are all about our customers and do whatever we can to exceed all of their expectations! Take a look at our website and all of our reviews on Yelp! Make sure to do your research and whether you choose us for your exterior painting company or not, we wish you the very best with your painting project.